STEGANOSteganography (encryption)
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Despite a long past, stegano techniques in the digital world are just beginning to mature.
After code extraction the user enters the already registered 4 digit secret PAN keys and compared with the stegano image of the palm.
New features in Steganos Safe include a shredding tool which identifies areas that have already been shredded to minimize time spent cleaning drives, right click data destruction command for trash bin contents, Drag-and-drop support makes it easier to move documents into a safe, and optional network capability to allow the application to perform on a network and also the Safe size is doubled to 512 GB each Privacy Suite 11 has several new features including the ability to create several profiles for different users with Steganos Password Manager, capacity to capture and store more information about individual passwords; an unlimited number of safes, each with up to 512 GB of storage; mailbox encryption and convenient scheduling on data destruction operations.
Steganos Safe 2008 has been optimized for use on Microsoft Vista and introduces encryption for Outlook Express and Windows Mail, in addition to protecting the standard edition of Outlook and any user-selected data files.
Steganos said the new version provides an encrypted link to the company network over the Internet and allows companies to connect remote users to each other via a secure and encrypted local area network (LAN).
CenturionSoft Steganos Security Suite--Easy-to-use 128-bit suite includes password management, file shredder, password-protected system lock, encrypted e-mail.
Steganography comes from the Greek word steganos which literally means "covered" and graphia which means "writing", i.e.
A privacy and encryption survey conducted by Steganos has found that consumers are not using encryption to protect their online identity.
Steganos has launched a suite of software to help travelling computer users to protect their data from unauthorised access, loss or theft.
Steganos goes one step further by hiding encrypted files within other perfectly normal-looking files.
* CenturionSoft Steganos Security Suite -- Easy-to-use 128-bit suite includes password management, file shredder, password-protected system lock, encrypted e-mail.
Software marketer and publisher CenturionSoft, Washington, D.C., has released Steganos 3 Security Suite, the latest version of their award-winning suite of tools for protecting one's privacy and securing computer data and access with encryption and steganography.