STEISekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Islam (Indonesian: Islamic School of Economics)
STEIScientific, Technical and Economic Information
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For example, only one big enterprise employs 95% of the total industrial employment in Calan and Colibasi, 90% in Fagaras, Otelu Rosu, and Campia Turzii, 80% in Buhusi and Jimbolia, and 75% in Stei, Bocsa, Fieni, Navodari and Bals, enhancing urban vulnerability to economic change.
At the confluence of Valsan Valley with Stei Valley we can notice sharp widening of the tributary valley in crystalline schists and gneisses specific for the region with the active slope processes.
Each room is unique and has its own name like: 'Ski' for the old skis on the walls--"one of the favourite rooms among guests, for some reason," claims Obschlager; Stei, Swiss for 'stone' because it has a bed and bath made with stones; and 'Seventh Sky', the romantic room with a large free-standing bathtub.
Furthermore Hiller and Kato (1996) showed a pronounced anxiolytic effect of the ethanolic extract STEI Val using the elevated plus maze test.
Catalog of Produces on Base of Bisulfate of Molybdenum, Romanian Minister of Industry and Commerce, CNCAF MINVEST Deva, Branch of Stei, Romania.
An example is in Stei, Hunedoara County, where the Orthodox Church continued to deny the Greek Catholics access to their former church.
Patusan as scrutinized by Stei n, himself a foreigner, is a mottled society doomed by a linguistic disunity and a cultural Babel-like void, and this very disunity and void is what enables Jim to rebuild his personality through a new language.
A portfolio of "death-care" stocks (SRV, STEI, LWN, CSV) is down more than 80 percent since October of 1998.
His employers feed him well for these performances, and by listening to them talk he learns "all of their sciences." When he can't be at the manor and must work the fields, however, Croce suffers a familiar boredom: Cosi stei da cinque anni in quei confini, mentre fui giovanetto, ad abitare, e zolle e glebe furo i miei latini.
When unforced idle times are allowed, the best policies belong to the class of shortest time to extinction with inserted idle time (STEI) policies.