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STELShort Term Exposure Limit
STELStellent, Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
STELSolar Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (Nagoya University; Japan)
STELShort Time Exposure Limit
STELStation de Traitement des Effluents Liquides (French: Liquid Effluents Treatment Station)
STELStandard Telecommunications
STELSupport & Test Equipment List
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BMIC and Siva Limited also entered into an option agreement in 2009, under which Siva Limited would have to buy BMICOs stake in STel at the same price that BMIC had paid for the acquisition.
The agreement would come into force if the company failed to secure finance, or in the event that the licence granted to STel faced a threat.
Stel Farrar and her talented musical children, Taliesin, 18 with the cello, Mabon 16 with the viola and Merin, 14 with a trombone.
STel has licences for Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Assam circles.
Methods of compliance - requires employer to use feasible engineering and work practice controls to achieve PEL and STEL or reduce exposures as much as possible.
Batelco added that it was not involved in the STel licence application process.
Firstly, arrange the Marcoule STEL to ensure its sustainability and
He won't let me buy them from anywhere else because he has very strong principles, '' says Stel.
Bands like Arctic Monkeys who stormed to the top of the charts with their very first single a few weeks ago could certainly learn from the Starsailor experience and the comparison isn't lost on Stel.
Under the Maintenance subsystem Ametiste redevelopment of Marcoule STEL Project will be created in the grip of the new FA STEL 5 pools, and one or two new buildings housing auxiliary functions associated with pools.
Contract notice: Project ametiste-subsystem maintenance-changing circuits process of building preparation for coating (bpe) of stel.