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STELShort Term Exposure Limit
STELStellent, Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
STELSolar Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (Nagoya University; Japan)
STELShort Time Exposure Limit
STELStation de Traitement des Effluents Liquides (French: Liquid Effluents Treatment Station)
STELStandard Telecommunications
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Stel Industries is the exclusive manufacturer of the Formica Flooring line of products.
Under the terms of the settlement agreement, STel granted to Broadcom a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to STel's rights in patents and patent applications, and all inventions conceived, through the date of the agreement, relating to any transmitter or receiver technology, or design or invention capable of use over a coaxial cable transmission medium.
Now, they can take up the new Stel Samen Stel Bij Sim Only subscription and opt when they want a new handset with subscription.
The licence was granted to STel in January 2008 and during 2009, BMIC paid $175m to acquire 42.
BMIC and Siva also entered into an option agreement in 2009, under which Siva would have to buy BMIC's stake in STel at the same price that BMIC had paid for the acquisition.
They got to a certain level and went on to area level and then got into the county group and then if they improve go on to residential courses," said Stel, a Welsh adult learners project worker for Bangor University.
7% equity in STel via two transactions in May and June 2009 for a total of $174.
STel is one of the first new operators to enter the market in a very timely manner due to infrastructure sharing with existing operators," said STel director Swaminathan,.
Regulated areas - calls for employer to set aside and mark areas whatever airborne exposures exceed PEL or STEL to limit access to authorized persons only.
In this context, the redevelopment of the Marcoule STEL (Ametiste project) has two objectives:
Whilst the immediate focus is on STel's customers, employees and suppliers, STel shareholders will also review the sustainability of its business operations under the revised conditions imposed by the Indian Supreme Court's recent judgement impacting the telecoms industry," Batelco said.
The changes to the control-command of the STEL are part of another market.