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STELASatellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010
STELAStrategies and Tools to Enhance Learning for All (Michigan)
STELASystem for Tracking Export License Application
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Freidel said that his epigrapher, Stanley Guenter, who deciphered the text, believes that Stela 44 was originally dedicated about 1,450 years ago, in the calendar period ending in AD 564, by the Wak dynasty King Wa'oom Uch'ab Tzi'kin, a title that translates roughly as "He Who Stands Up the Offering of the Eagle.
There, they made an astonishing discovery: the stela of Hammurabi's Code.
The largest stela, a single 33m stone, lies on the ground, snapped into three pieces (archaeologists think it collapsed on erection); the next largest, evocatively called the 'stolen one', was removed by the Italians in 1937 and now stands in Rome.
Discoveries from the sunken city of Heracleion in the Nile Delta, include its harbour basin complete with the wrecks of ten antique ships and an intact black granite stela measuring 195cms in height.
Less well-known is the text on this stela, a convoluted and flowery pronouncement in which a pharaoh claims credit for the prosperity of the people and then makes a grant of tax relief to the priests on whom he relied for the flow of revenue to his government and for ensuring the fealty of the people to his administration.
Among the most significant is a limestone stela, or relief carving, of Akhenaten and Nefertiti kissing and playing affectionately with their three children - an image unimaginable under previous pharaohs.
This project is being integrated into the department's STELA system, the first Brazilian Java and databank-based university administration system.
153-54 as part of Appendix B), seven depend on or are substantiated by newly or relatively newly published texts (Kurba'il Statue of Shalmaneser III (1962), Tell Rimah stela of Adad-narari III (1968), Iran stela of Tiglath-pileser III (1972)), or newly edited texts.
Tutmosis IV restored the Sphinx and recorded the story of his dream on a 15-ton granite stela that still stands between the Sphinx's paws.
We found our answer on a stone monument known as Stela 23, located in the ruins of the Maya city of Naranjo in northeastern Guatemala.