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STEMIST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction
STEMIStephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (various locations)
STEMISociété de Transports et Manutentions Industrielles
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Acute seizures can cause acute STEMI in the absence of plaque rupture or erosion.
Repeat ECG was done 3 hours later showing Q-waves developing in V2-4, consistent with the final stages of acute STEMI accompanied with ST-segment elevation in lead V2-4 which barely meets the 2 mm threshold for those precordial leads as per the guidelines (Figure 2).
Mitral regurgitation was seen in both STEMI (76 patients) and NSTEMI (65 patients).
The results showed that in STEMI patients, in-hospital mortality
(2) demonstrated ST-segment resolution on ECG after defibrillation for primary ventricular fibrillation in three STEMI cases.
* Unadjusted 10-year all-cause mortality was significantly greater in patients with NSTEMI than STEMI, by a margin of 73% versus 60%.
NRL enables a clinician to predict stent thrombosis and the high mortality rate among patients with STEMI. NLR > 4.9 had 70% accuracy and 65% specificity in predicting in-hospital mortality.
More than 150 STEMI patients (including transfer and nontransfer patients) are treated each year, nearly all of whom receive PPCI as a reperfusion therapy.
"All current smokers must be encouraged into smoking cessation therapy to reduce their risk of acute STEMI, with a focus on the youngest smokers whose increased risk is often unrecognized," Grech said in the statement.
The most common STEMI symptom is a chest pain, which may travel from the chest into the shoulder, arm, neck or jaw, perhaps to the left side of the body, and will last for more than a few minutes.
Both guidelines recommend the use of clopidogrel in patients with STEMI for whom fibrinolytic therapy is planned.
Results: Among 83 patients with STEMI 50.6% were males and 49.4% were females with the age group range of 30-83 years.