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STEPStandard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (ISO 10303)
STEPSociety of Trust and Estate Practitioners
STEPSoftware Technology and Engineering Practice (Conference)
STEPSmart Traveler Enrollment Program (US State Department)
STEPSociety for Testing English Proficiency (Japan)
STEPStudents, Educators and Parents
STEPStation d'Epuration (French: Wastewater Treatment)
STEPSystematic Training for Effective Parenting
STEPStudent Temporary Employment Program (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
STEPStandard for the Exchange of Product
STEPSimplified Tai-Chi Exercise Program
STEPStanford Temporal Prover
STEPStudent Employment Program
STEPScience and Technology Entry Program
STEPSelective Traffic Enforcement Program
STEPSaskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
STEPStatewide Transportation Enhancement Program (various locations)
STEPStripes for Exceptional Performers
STEPStatement of Tertiary Education Priorities (New Zealand)
STEPSerial Transverse Enteroplasty (medical procedure)
STEPSurface Transportation Environment and Planning (US DOT)
STEPSocia,l Technical, Econimic, Political
STEPState Tribal Education Program (various organizations)
STEPStudy of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer
STEPSecurity Training Exercise Program (US Transportation Security Administration)
STEPSatellite Test of the Equivalence Principle
STEPStandardized Tactical Entry Point (Defense Satellite Communications System)
STEPSatellite Theological Education
STEPScience and Technology Education Partnership
STEPSixth Term Examination Papers (UK educational system)
STEPScience and Technology for Environmental Protection
STEPSmall Business Tax Education Program (IRS)
STEPStrategies To Elevate People
STEPSpace Test Experiment Platform
STEPSoftware Technology Excellence Programme (India)
STEPSolar Terrestrial Energy Programme
STEPStratosphere Troposphere Exchange Project
STEPStandard Template for Electronic Publishing (Biblical software distribution format)
STEPScience, Technology and Environment Partnership
STEPSupercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program
STEPShipboard Training Enhancement Program
STEPShort Term English Proficiency
STEPSimulation, Training, and Exercise Platform
STEPSkills Training and Employment Placement (program)
STEPSolutions to Environmental Problems, Inc (Oak Ridge, TN)
STEPSemantics in Systems for Text Processing
STEPSystems Testing Excellence Program
STEPSystem for Tracking Education Performance
STEPSkills Training and Employment Program
STEPShell Technology Enterprise Program
STEPStraight Through Euro Payment
STEPScientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions
STEPiloprost inhalation solution Safety and pilot efficacy Trial in combination with bosentan for Evaluation in Pulmonary arterial hypertension
STEPWorkshop on Advances and Innovations in Systems Testing
STEPSecure Tunnel Establishment Protocol
STEPSingapore Tuberculosis Elimination Programme
STEPSurvey Tool for Employment Planning
STEPStrategic Tactical Entry Point
STEPSpatial Templates for Emergency Preparedness
STEPSupra Thermal Through Energetic Particle (sensor)
STEPSalmon Trout Education Project
STEPSt. Louis Teacher Enhancement Partnership
STEPService Test and Evaluation Program
STEPStandard Exchange Program
STEPSoftware Test and Evaluation Program (for a STAMIS, now PEO EIS, system)
STEPSummer Training and Employment Project
STEPSpace Technology Experiment Platform
STEPScience and Technology for Employment Protection (United Kingdom)
STEPSouthern Rift Valley Tsetse Eradication Project (Ethiopia)
STEPSystems and Technology Education Program
STEPSip Twice Eat & Profit
STEPSystematic Training for Effective Parenthood
STEPSimulation, Test & Evaluation Process
STEPSoftware Test & Evaluation Panel
STEPSpace Transfer using Electrodynamic Propulsion
STEPSimulator Training Evaluation Program
STEPStudents Teaching & Educating Peers
STEPSpace Transportation Engine Program
STEPSubsidized Tenants Empowerment Project
STEPSummer Transition Empowerment Program
STEPSelf-Teaching Exportable Package
STEPSmyrna Triad Enrichment Program
STEPSpecialized Traffic Enforcement Programs
STEPSchizophrenic Treatment and Evaluation Program
STEPSenior Training & Education Program
STEPSolving the Entrepreneurial Puzzle (small business solutions)
STEPStudy Training & Employment Pathways (Ahead)
STEPStructures Technology Experiments Platform
STEPSpatial-Temporal Event Prediction
STEPSurface Warfare Training Evaluation Program
STEPSpecialty Training for Entry-Level Professionals (NASA)
STEPSequential Steps of Educational Progress
STEPSpecial Training Equipment Program
STEPSteps Toward Educational Progress (educational program; various schools)
STEPSolar Terrestrial Energetics Program
STEPSurveillance Tracking & Experiment Program
STEPSoftware Task Estimating Procedure
STEPStrategic Technology Expansion Project
STEPSpiritual Training and Education Process
STEPSafeguard Test & Evaluation Program
STEPSchool To Employment Partnership
STEPSoil Treatment Evaluation Program
STEPScientific & Technical Exploitation Program
STEPStandard Test Equipment Procedure
STEPSoftware Test & Evaluation Plan
STEPSystems Test Equipment Program
STEPSouthern Valley Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Project
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Sometimes she had no work at night, and then she would sit on the steps of the high stoop with the other roomers.
"Faith," he said, in Italian, as he was reascending the steps and looking at a bag of reals, "faith, there's enough to pay five councillors of parliament, and two generals in Paris.
Presently the light increased and a moment later, to my delight, I came upon a flight of steps leading upward, at the top of which the brilliant light of the noonday sun shone through an opening in the ground.
Above him an opening in the ceiling at the upper end of a flight of concrete steps revealed a brilliant sunlit scene.
Heavy steps and the clamor of loud voices were audible from below, and the hall door shut with a loud crash.
Looking round, he noticed that he was standing close to a tavern which was entered by steps leading from the pavement to the basement.
"Every step, it's you that saves our lives; and do you suppose by any chance that we are going to let you lose yours?
Felton made a slight bow, and directed his steps toward the door.
Nothing now remained but to retrace their steps. To descend a cragged mountain, however, was more difficult and dangerous than to ascend it.
So, turning their backs, they retraced their steps whence they came.
Slowly the man's lips were coming closer to hers and slowly, step by step, she was being carried backward.
(I dare say) and taken with fresh claps of fear at every second step and every bolt and bar.