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(1947; translated as Star, 1950) and Dvoe v stepi ( Two Men in the Steppe, 1948), two stories which explore the dilemma peculiar among the allies to Soviet soldiers: the enemy lies ahead, while any show of cowardice will result in court - martial and subsequent execution at home.
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The Caucasus Military-Civil Administration archive contains documents, such as "O magometanstve v kirgizskoi stepi i ob upravlenii dukhovnymi delami kirgizov" (marked "sekretno") from June 1870, that directly describe how approaches from the Caucasus were to be taken into consideration in the Kirgiz steppe and elsewhere in Central Asia ( "Perepiski po voprosu o magometanstve v kirgizskoi stepi" [SSSA f.
See also Gul'mira Sultangalieva, "'Tatarskaia' diaspora v konfessional'nykh sviaziakh kazakhskoi stepi (XVIII v.-XIX v.)," Vestnik Evrazii, no.
The output of this stepis deployed software.4) Step: D: The main objective of this step is to verify theproduct that meets the specified requirements and assesses the response of the customers.
The stepis likely tosparkprotests by Palestiniansas well ascause a negative affect on the peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel.