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STEPPSolar Thermal Electric Power Plant
STEPPState Tobacco Education Prevention Partnership (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
STEPPStaff/Team Evaluation of Prevention Programs (US DHHS)
STEPPStudent Tuition Easy Payment Plan (Clark College; Vancouver, WA)
STEPPSubpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (oncology)
STEPPStatewide Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (various states)
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Having no idea of the direction in which he might best hope to find what he sought, and not wishing to arouse suspicion by further hesitation, he turned to the left and stepped briskly along the pavement with the intention of placing himself as quickly as possible beyond the observation of those nocturnal watchers.
Ten minutes later a tall, broad-shouldered officer stepped from the yard of the bungalow leaving behind him the corpses of a dog and a naked man.
And now each man stepped forward and shot in turn; but though each shot well, Little John was the best of all, for three times he struck the clout, and once only the length of a barleycorn from the center.
Madame Karenina, however, did not wait for her brother, but catching sight of him she stepped out with her light, resolute step.
Bardell's most particular acquaintance, who had just stepped in, to have a quiet cup of tea, and a little warm supper of a couple of sets of pettitoes and some toasted cheese.
The duelists sat down; a student official stepped forward, examined the wounded head and touched the place with a sponge once or twice; the surgeon came and turned back the hair from the wound-- and revealed a crimson gash two or three inches long, and proceeded to bind an oval piece of leather and a bunch of lint over it; the tally-keeper stepped up and tallied one for the opposition in his book.
And, so saying, she slipped off her robes and stepped into the water.
He stepped back into the sentry box and spoke through a telephone.
In another instant we were surrounded by armed sailors, and an officer had stepped forward to address us, when his eyes fell upon Carthoris.
At last, however, we heard the creak of the hinges, and it seems my uncle slipped gingerly out and (seeing that Alan had stepped back a pace or two) sate him down on the top doorstep with the blunderbuss ready in his hands.
As one replaces an object of insecure equilibrium, so he carefully replaced his belief on its shaky pedestal and carefully stepped back from it so as not to shake or upset it.
A third time he was flogging me cruelly, when a lady stepped quickly up to him, and said in a sweet, earnest voice: