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STEPSSystem for Thalidomide Education and Prescribing Safety
STEPSSocial, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability (various locations)
STEPSSevere Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study
STEPSScience and Technology Excellence in the Public Service (Canada)
STEPSSimulation of Transient Evacuation and Pedestrian MovementS
STEPSSolutions To Every Problem Sober
STEPSStrategies for Trials Enrolment and Participation Study (University of Aberdeen, UK)
STEPSStorm Electrification and Precipitation Study
STEPSScholarships Taking Elementary Promising Students
STEPSShips Technical Equipment Publication System
STEPSSummer Transition in Education Planning for Students
STEPSStudy to Enhance the Personnel System
STEPSSkills Training Evaluation Procedures and Process
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Nothing now remained but to retrace their steps. To descend a cragged mountain, however, was more difficult and dangerous than to ascend it.
Follow me and step carefully and I'll lead you to the place."
"I have spoken to thee, friend," said Robin sternly, "and I now tell thee again, that thou goest not one step forward till thou hast done as I bid thee." So saying, he raised his quarterstaff above his head in a threatening way.
Slowly the man's lips were coming closer to hers and slowly, step by step, she was being carried backward.
(I dare say) and taken with fresh claps of fear at every second step and every bolt and bar.
There was rejoicing among the gentlemen roomers whenever Miss Leeson had time to sit on the steps for an hour or two.
"Faith," he said, in Italian, as he was reascending the steps and looking at a bag of reals, "faith, there's enough to pay five councillors of parliament, and two generals in Paris.
It was even doubtful that I could retrace my steps to Phutra should I once pass beyond view of the plain, and even were that possible, what aid could I bring to Perry no matter how far I wandered?
Above him an opening in the ceiling at the upper end of a flight of concrete steps revealed a brilliant sunlit scene.
Heavy steps and the clamor of loud voices were audible from below, and the hall door shut with a loud crash.
He had not far to go; he knew indeed how many steps it was from the gate of his lodging house: exactly seven hundred and thirty.
When she wakes she can sup." And he made some steps toward the door.