STEPTSkin Test End-Point Titration
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References in classic literature ?
Presently the figure of a young man separated itself from the rest, stept up on to the smooth road, and standing in the middle of it, in an absorbed attitude, began to make a movement with his hands as though winding string round a top.
Thwackum was so intent on the discovery, that, the moment he found himself at liberty, he stept forward directly into the fern, without any great consideration of what might in the meantime befal his friend; but he had advanced a very few paces into the thicket, before Jones, having defeated Blifil, overtook the parson, and dragged him backward by the skirt of his coat.
Isabella stept in after her father; John Knightley, forgetting that he did not belong to their party, stept in after his wife very naturally; so that Emma found, on being escorted and followed into the second carriage by Mr.
I then stept over the building very conveniently from one stool to the other, and drew up the first after me with a hooked stick.
Rushworth's chance if Henry stept in before the articles were signed."
She at length withdrew her eyes from the dark countenance of the Colonel's portrait, heaved a sigh, --indeed, her breast was a very cave of Aolus that morning, --and stept across the room on tiptoe, as is the customary gait of elderly women.
The Disinherited Knight, therefore, stept boldly forth to the front of his tent, and found in attendance the squires of the challengers, whom he easily knew by their russet and black dresses, each of whom led his master's charger, loaded with the armour in which he had that day fought.
"He stept so lightly to the land, All in his manly pride: He kissed her cheek, he pressed her hand, Yet still she glanced aside.
Even as he looked one of the archers drew his sword with a sharp whirr of steel and stept up to the lost man.
Back stept those two fair Angels half amaz'd So sudden to behold the grieslie King; Yet thus, unmovd with fear, accost him soon.
On Saturday evening, ere I left the house, I stept into the SALLE-A-MANGER, where she was sitting alone, and, placing myself before her, I asked, with the same tranquil tone and manner that I should have used had I put the question for the first time--
Though he says his motive was "to giue the audience some content," in other words, Taylor must have known that their support, however improbable, remained the only way he could redeem his investment in the enterprise--just as Fennor himself may have known it at the Fortune, when in Kendall's absence he did the very same thing, and "stept vpon the Stage ...