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STEREOStrut Thickness Effect on Restenosis Outcome (cardiology)
STEREOSolar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (NASA)
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Launched in October 2006, the two STEREO spacecraft were originally designed to complete a two-year mission, ending in 2008.
Stereo Generator — main 2D+Depth-to-stereo conversion module
In the past years, stereo vision has become more and more important in mobile robotic applications.
One of the STEREO craft will initially lead Earth in orbit around the sun, while the other will trail behind.
This was the third stereo Peter Vandenberg has had stolen at an Antelope Valley High School in the past year.
Stereo Vision's Chief Executive Officer, Jack Honour, stated, "While most sectors of the global economies are struggling, the 3D movie industry is taking off.
Stereo views can reveal whether a change in brightness and color indicates a change in elevation or a true variation in the mineral composition of a surface.
Tony Munafo, a Morgan Stanley veteran, will continue as Stereo Vision's Chief Operating Officer and Director.
Parametric Stereo from Coding Technologies and Philips again significantly increases the efficiency of audio codecs for stereo signals at low bit rates.
Besides mp3 surround, Fraunhofer IIS presents many more innovative surround music technologies at Midem such as Ensonido([R]) for play back of surround sound over stereo headphones, MP3 SX for upgrading stereo mp3 files to mp3 surround, and SX Pro the professional tool for upmixing any legacy stereo material to multi-channel sound.
With the Siren Screamer, people now have the freedom to stream music from their play-list or online music service to the home stereo, dramatically increasing the quality of audio playback, and providing music enjoyment in the environment best suited for high-quality audio performance.
Designed to be universally compatible with all Bluetooth stereo devices and audio sources equipped with a jack (3.