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STEREOSolar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (NASA)
STEREOStrut Thickness Effect on Restenosis Outcome (cardiology)
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Headsets known for providing two-way connectivity to cellphones or other music-related or communication-related gadgets via Bluetooth can be deemed as stereo headset Bluetooth.
Many stereo help them but this based on human Dr Ghaith The team at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, has been investigating whether praying mantis 3D vision works in the same way that of as humans.
The TWS feature enables users to connect two Soundcake speakers via Bluetooth 4.1 and create a wireless stereo Left Channel and Right Channel, thus creating a true stereo sound experience.
Smigley sends customers who need audio equipment repairs to Jim's Electronics or Stereo Workshop, a repair shop on Conger Street, off West 11th Avenue.
In spring 2012, the Sound Studies Group at the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art & Culture organized a conference, "Living Stereo: History, Culture, Multichannel Sound," that challenged presenters to reflect on "the history and significance of stereo sound reproduction in aural culture." The call for the conference presentations noted that although "the whole culture and industry of music and sound became organized around the principle of stereo during the mid twentieth century ...
The product's key benefits include the elimination ofexcess ambient sound as the rear channels collapse to stereo, which has the potential for causing indistinct dialog or disproportionate levels of low-frequency energy.
Even if it never fully recovers, Stereo B and its mate Stereo A have exceeded expectations.
Stereo Steve's South is working with Prospect Genius to develop a strong online presence, starting with the launch of a new website.
"The STEREO Missions Operations team plans further recovery processes to assess observatory health, re-establish attitude control, and evaluate all subsystems and instruments," NASA said ( in a statement , adding that STEREO-A still continues to work normally.
Living Stereo: Histories and Cultures of Multichannel Sound recreates a history of music and sound and helps the reader to understand the stereophony that todayAEs American culture takes for granted.