STEVShort Term Exposure Value (chemical safety regulation)
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The leaves from these mutant plants were subjected to High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) for Stev and Reb-A contents.
Berrybridge will be joined by Club Kitz (Stev Hoy 4, Paul Jones 3, Callum Stenson), who came from behind to defeat Cobra Arena (J o r d a n Keiron-Mather, Louis Crewe).
Serving Stev: Finn (1 ace), Epstein (1 ace); Attacking Stev: Meng (10 kills), Finn (10 kills); Setting Stev: Keevins (20 assists)Sorenson (6 kills); Digs Stev: Epstein 12, Keevins 10; Blocks Stev: Prindville 1.
This law change will hove fully be another stev to makina the citv a vlace in which you would really want to svend an evening.
Centre-back Stev Angus failed to clear or to shield the ball just inside the box allowing Francis Green to nip in and chip a shot over the keeper into the empty net.
WHAT'S COOKING: Chris Longley, Stev e Finn, Andrew Makin and Peter Moran showing off their cateriung skills aboard HMS LiverpoolPicture:COLIN LANE
Serving Stev: Keevins (6 aces), Sorenson (3 aces);Attacking Stev: Finn (9 kills), Ross (6 kills); Setting Stev: Keevins (15 assists)Sorenson (4 assists); Digs Stev: Sorenson 10, Meng 5, Epstein 5; Blocks .
The burly striker in the golden boots took advantage of a mix-up between centre-backs Stev Angus and Andy Duncan to hit a 20-yard shot over goalCambridge goal keeper John Ruddy.
Serving Stev: Johnson (1 ace), Keevins (1 ace), Sorenson (1 ace), Ross (1 ace); Attacking Stev: Meng (8 kills), Finn (6 kills); Setting Stev: Keevins (13 assists), Sorenson (4 assist); Digs Stev: Finn 6, Meng 5, Keevins 5; Blocks Stev: Ross 1.
Lancaster forward Jamie Hughes fired home from the penalty spot after visiting defender Stev Angus had upended Ryan Elderton in the box.
Serving -- Stev: Meng (1 ace), Epstein (1 ace); Attacking -- Stev: Ross (8 kills, Meng (4 kills), Finn (4 kills), Angelos (4 kills); Setting -- Stev: Sorenson (18 assists), Epstein (2 assists); Digs -- Epstein 8, Sorenson 7.
To add to Carlisle's woes, keeper Shaun Marshall saved Craig Farrell's weak spot-kick after Stev Angus handled.