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STEXSimtropolis Exchange (gaming, Sim City)
STEXSensor Technology Experiment
STEXSand Table Exercise
STEXStart of Execution
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STEX followed by mercerization leads to an increase in the amount of cellulose nanofibrils.
Finally, no predictions are made regarding the signs on the coefficients for STEX and STTAX.
The control variables RATE, NR, CALL, SINK, INS, and YRS are included in Model (14) to remove the risk premiums associated with these bond features, while STEX and STTAX are included to remove the effects of state tax differences.
To arrive at the estimates in Panels B and C, pretax returns are calculated by first summing the products of the sample means (Panel B) or sample medians (Panel C) of RATE, NR, CALL, SINK, INS, YRS, STEX, and STTAX by their respective Model (14) coefficients.