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STFSupremo Tribunal Federal
STFSummary Tape File (US Census)
STFSave the Family (various locations)
STFSpecial Task Force
STFStart to Finish (various companies)
STFSave the Tiger Fund
STFSynthetic Transmission Fluid (vehicles)
STFSvenska Turistföreningen
STFSofia the First (computer-animated TV series)
STFSewage Treatment Facility (various locations)
STFSeeing the Forest (political blog)
STFScience and Technology Foundation (New York)
STFSaskatchewan Teachers Federation
STFShrink to Fit (clothing)
STFSetup File
STFSave to File
STFScale to Fit
STFStorm Type Foundry (Czech Republic)
STFStudent Technology Fee
STFShort-Term Facility (finance)
STFSony Talk Forum
STFSongahm Taekwondo Federation (martial arts)
STFShort-Term Fluctuation
STFSustainability Task Force (various locations)
STFStorming the Floor (college basketball website)
STFStandard Formula
STFSlips, Trips, and Falls (occupational injuries)
STFStructured File (File Name Extension)
STFSpin Test Facility
STFSystemic Transformation Facility (IMF)
STFSpecial Transportation Fund
STFSteal This Film (movie)
STFSmooth Transition Focus (camera lens)
STFScientifiction (Early name for Science Fiction)
STFSchweizerische Technische Fachschule (Winterthur, Switzerland)
STFSecond to Find (geocaching)
STFScottish Training Federation (UK)
STFStudy Tagging File
STFShare Transfer Form
STFShort-Time Fourier
STFSearch the Forum
STFSignal Transfer Function
STFSystems Technology Forum
STFSource Time Function (seismology)
STFShort Term Forecast (weather)
STFSystem Transfer Function
STFSpecial Tactical Force (Crisis Zone game)
STFSingapore Taekwondo Federation
STFSoil Transport and Fate Database (US EPA)
STFStorm the Front (gaming clan)
STFSupport the Future
STFSeminole Tribe of Florida
STFSimple Test Framework
STFSatellite Test Facility
STFStep-over Toehold with Facelock (pro wrestling maneuver)
STFSpecific Transfer Factor
STFStep-Over Toe-Hold Face-Lock (wrestling)
STFSimulation and Training Function
STFSolar Test Facility
STFStanford Theatre Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)
STFStructural Test Firing (US Navy)
STFStormwater Treatment Facility
STFSatellite Tracking Facility
STFSystem Technology Forecast
STFSilence the Fall (band)
STFSpecial Turf Filler (artificial sport surface)
STFSoftware Testing Facility
STFSalafi Task Force
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Crackdown by STF reveals that criminals are first compromising and getting the mobile connection of user and then using the leaked banking data they are withdrawing money through the App.
Jassem Albloushi, chairman of STF, said: "Smart city aims to improve quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet the needs of our people.
Janot had asked the STF to strip Cunha of his seat as a representative and to be kicked out of the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies.
When exposed to sunlight, an STF flips to a charged state.
Keeping this in mind, the STF is committed to providing platforms such as the Innovation Management programme, which aims to engage and bring about a structured approach in coping with innovation development at the a workplace.
Figure-2 shows the inputs and output of current estimation block Figure-3 shows the usage of an STF block in a-AY reference frame to filter out voltage harmonics.
O trabalho divide-se em tres partes: na primeira ("o que a ADC e") reune-se os pontos basicos dessa acao segundo as consideracoes teoricas feitas pela doutrina; na segunda ("o que a ADC tem sido"), apresenta-se e analisa-se brevemente a forma como a ADC tem sido interpretada pelo STF em sua jurisprudencia; e na terceira parte ("o que a ADC deveria ser") faco uma abordagem de carater critico-propositivo diante de alguns problemas relativos a essa acao, ou ao modo como tem sido interpretada, e que poderiam comprometer a sua legitimidade.
Na quarta secao, tendo em conta a EC no 45/04 consideraremos os REs no 349703-RS e 466343-SP, de forma a demonstrar o impacto gerado na jurisprudencia do STF a partir de novo grau hierarquico atribuido a determinadas especies de tratados internacionais.
STF said that it intends to arrange to raise a total of USD5m pursuant to the sale of newly issued STF common stock, with a minimum of USD2m to be raised within 60 days of the closing date of 30 April 2013 and the balance to be raised within 150 days of the closing date.
Afzal was sentenced to death on the basis of Special Police version which works in collusion with STF which made him accept the crime under duress and threat by Special Police ACP Rajbir Singh.
The STF used teargas and the prisoners fired at the STF," said police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody.
A statement from CAS said: "The Swedish NOC (national Olympic committee) and the STF consider that the ITU did not comply with its own rules because it may not have taken into account the position of the athletes' torsos when establishing the medal positions.