STFAPSocialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (Philippines)
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Accordingly, we proposed a STFAP which is to improve the multiple interference suppression performance of GNSS receivers by using sparse characteristics of interfering signals in time, frequency, and space domains.
However, for both the two scenarios, from Figure 6(d) and Figure 7(d), it is obvious that the proposed STFAP can effectively deal with all interferences.
Major reforms were made in the 25-year STFAP precisely to address these mismatches, cut the long, tedious application process, simplify the basis for assignment of tuition brackets, and to increase benefits given to students from the lowest income bracket.
Unlike the STFAP, which required the submission of 14 pages of supporting documents, such as parents' income tax return, the student applying for lower tuition under the STS needs only to fill out a two-page online form detailing the household's total income, appliances and real properties.
He adds that the application rate in the socialized tuition increased to 90 percent from 40 percent when STFAP was still in use because the easier application process encouraged more students to avail of the tuition discount rather that doing the contrary and be assigned to the default millionaire's bracket.
Application now online The STS application form, for example, covers only two pages, whereas the STFAP form has 14.
The STFAP was also criticized after 16-year-old Kristel Pilar Mariz Tejada, a Behavioral Sciences student in UP Manila committed suicide after allegedly failing to pay for her tuition.
During the enrollment, the transferees underwent the normal screening and applications for the STFAP, she said.
Various lawmakers called on UP to revisit the STFAP itself, saying the program no longer served its purpose.
Meanwhile, Casino stressed, "The STFAP is a revenue generating measure.
UP President Alfredo Pascual called a news conference on Monday to unveil a proposed modification of the STFAP. Leachon said two UPM alumni who wanted to remain anonymous have pledged to donate P100,000 and P50,000 to start a trust fund to assist students having trouble meeting their loan obligations.
What was discussed, among others, was the proposal of the student regent, Cleve Arguelles, to remove the Bracket B Certification, retain the original practice by upholding the original policy approved by the BOR, and rule that any changes involving the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP) Bracketing or Rebracketing must go through student consultation and be approved by the BOR.