STFISubject to Field Inspection (Department of Planning and Development; Seattle, WA)
STFIShared Technologies Fairchild, Inc. (telecommunications)
STFIStudent Tuition Fee Insurance
STFISwedish Test Fibre Institute
STFISecond Tier Financial Institution
STFISearch the Flipping Internet (polite form)
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For this, the STFI owns a complete system with 1 meter working width, which is specifically designed for the processing of carbon fibers in neat form or as blend with other fibers.
Functional and protective clothing markets and applications, Hendrik Beier, STFI Saxon Textile Research Inst
Fleissner's new SteamJet technology, developed jointly with STFI Chemnitz, bonds nonwovens by mean of steam jets that are generated in steam head with rows of holes similar to those found in Fleissner's AquaJet machine.
At INDEX, Fleissner will introduce its Steam Jet, which was developed with STFI Chemnitz.
Peter Axegard, program director for STFI, Stockholm, Sweden, noted that the main advantage of single-species pulp is that the resulting fiber properties can be more diverse and fit different end uses.
STFI has been thrust into a leadership position within the shared telecommunications industry and is now at the forefront of integrating telecommunications solutions for its nationwide customer base.
Tenders are invited for Insurance of combustible inventory on behalf of DHBVN from general insurance companies registered with IRDA for fire insurance (Excluding STFI Coverage) of two no.
Following the success of this first event, EDANA will hold the next Nonwovens Research Academy hosted by CENT (European Centre for Nonwovens) April 20-21, 2006, in Tourcoing (Lille) France with the support of IFTH, STFI and the Nonwovens Research Group of Leeds University (U.
The transaction will not only make STFI the leader in the shared telecommunications industry, giving us over 500,000 lines and approximately 470 commercial buildings across the United States, but will increase our long distance buying power, enhance our management team as well as offer other significant economies of scale.
Tenders are invited for Floater insurance of inventory lying at different Dedicated Divisional Stores &Workshops in HVPNL for Burglary, Fire, Flood, Special Perils including STFI and Earthquakes for one year w.
Due to the rapidly changing world of telecommunications, STFI will be positioned at the leading edge of integrating telecommunication solutions to customers.