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Table 6 shows the scores and STFN converted for supplier 1 based on the research hierarchy criteria.
Paired comparisons for the organizational policies and the STFN are shown in Table 6.
where [[??].sub.i] is the fuzzy aggregated score of the factor [F.sub.i], [[??].sub.i1], [[??].sub.i2],...,[[??]] are the STFN scores of the factor [F.sub.i] measured by m experts [E.sub.1], [E.sub.2],...,[E.sub.m], respectively, [cross product] and [direct sum] denote the fuzzy multiplication operator and the fuzzy addition operator, respectively, and [c.sub.1], [c.sub.2],...,[c.sub.m] are contribution factors (CFs) allocated to experts, [E.sub.1], [E.sub.2],...,[E.sub.m] and [c.sub.1] + [c.sub.2] + ...
where [[??].sub.ij] is the aggregated fuzzy scale of [F.sub.i] comparing to [F.sub.j]; i, j = 1, 2,..., n; Sij1,S'j2,...,Sjm are the corresponding STFN scales of F.
Then these evaluations are converted into STFNs as defined in Eq.
The pair-wise comparisons of "Socio-Political Criteria" and the corresponding STFNs are shown in Table 2.