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STFRSerum Transferrin Receptor
STFRStratus Fractus
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Absolute iron Functional iron deficiency deficiency in inflammation Serum ferritin [down arrow] [up arrow] TSAT [down arrow] [down arrow] Hepcidin [down arrow] [up arrow] CHr [down arrow] [down arrow] % HYPO [up arrow] [up arrow] sTfR [up arrow] [down arrow] sTfR/log ferritin [up arrow] [down arrow] CRP Normal [up arrow] Both absolute iron deficiency and functional iron deficiency Serum ferritin Depends on the degree of iron deficiency TSAT [down arrow] Hepcidin Depends on degree of iron deficiency CHr [down arrow] % HYPO [up arrow] sTfR [down arrow] or normal sTfR/log ferritin [up arrow] CRP [up arrow] CHr, content of reticulocyte hemoglobin; CRP, C-reactive protein; % HYPO, percentage of hypochromic erythrocytes; sTfR, soluble transferrin receptor; TSAT, transferrin saturation.
There was a very high prevalence of iron deficiency (93%) based on concentrations of STfR > 8.3 mg/L.
To establish baseline values of study participants, the REDS-II Donor Iron Status Evaluation (RISE) study measured plasma ferritin, STfR, venous hemoglobin levels, and finger-stick hemoglobin and hematocrit values.
Additional measurements, such as serum transferrin receptor (sTFR) and sTFR/ ferritin may help differentiate between ACD and IDA.
Before treatment, complete blood count (CBC), serum ferritin, serum zinc, serum transferrin receptor (sTfR), and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels were measured.
Cefais gwmni Emrys Roberts a Margaret ym Mhabell Cymru Ciwba, a dyna fywyd cyffrous mae''r ddau yna wedi ei fyw, a stfr o straeon.
For patients with intermediate serum ferritin levels (45-99 ng/dL), the soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) level and the sTfR-ferritin index (ratio of sTfR to log ferritin) are highly sensitive and specific.
Uma alternativa a determinacao da ferritina e a dosagem serica do receptor soluvel de transferrina (sTfr), utilizada em humanos por kits de nefelometria, principalmente na suspeita de deficiencia de ferro associada a doencas infecciosas e/ou inflamatorias ou para diferenciar deficiencia de sequestro de ferro.
In pregnant females, sTfR (serum transferrin receptor) used as a marker of tissue iron deficiency suggested low iron stores and wide spread deficiency (4,9).
We accepted that we are a social democracy, that's why we can go out and get an SBIR or STFR or NIH or NASA or DARP or DOE or EPA or whatever grant to fund our innovation.