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STFTShort-Time Fourier Transform
STFTShort Time Fourier Transform
STFTShort Term Fuel Trim
STFTSuper Thin Film Transistor
STFTStray Field Test
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Audio feature set and description Type Raw Statistical value Dimension feature vector Tempo BPM 1 Time Onset Mean and 2 related Standard deviation Beat Mean and 2 Standard deviation MFCC Mean and 40 Standard deviation Tonnetz Mean and 12 Standard deviation Zero Crossing Mean and 2 Spectral Standard deviation related Roll-off Mean and 2 Standard deviation Spectral Centroid Mean and 2 Standard deviation RMSE Mean and 2 Standard deviation STFT Mean and 24 Standard deviation Chroma CQT Mean and 24 (Pitch) Standard deviation related CENS Mean and 24 Standard deviation Table 6.
As a result, algorithms of minimum power, STFT, and MCMV-STAP lead to deviation of beam direction: 6 degrees for the first but more on side-lobe and 8 degrees for the last but less on side-lobe.
In our previous work [24], we studied the problem of uncertainty principle and general orthogonal condition of the STLCT by generalizing the uncertainty principle and orthogonal condition of the STFT to the STLCT.
Given raw vibration signal it is necessary to decompose it via STFT. Further, one establishes [sigma]-filter characteristics (Figure 9) and filters signal and the procedure is repeated.
We will consider uniform quantization of the time domain samples of each microphone signal [y.sub.k](t), prior to the transformation to the STFT domain.
The time and angular frequency have a symmetric role, and another representation of STFT can be made [20]:
One, named method A, is the quickest spectrum sensing with the short-time Fourier transform (STFT).
In general, the soft-computing methods, process signals by FFT, STFT and Wavelets.
[9] applied the short-term Fourier transform (STFT) and singular value decomposition (SVD) methods to radar signals reflected from gypsum walls, wooden doors, and persons behind walls.