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STFTShort Term Fuel Trim
STFTSuper Thin Film Transistor
STFTStray Field Test
STFTShort-Time Fourier Transform
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STFT analysis showed that within the APAC inflation and deflation cycle there were significant differences between patterns A and B.
i] (i = 1,2) are time delays between two microphones for each source and L is the number of STFT points.
In light of this decision, TransCanada believes there is no real economic incentive for customers to choose long-term firm contracts over IT or STFT services,'' said Mr.
Thus, the market for pipeline capacity is subdivided into a primary market, consisting of long-term firm transportation contracts, and a secondary market in which capacity released by the holders of LTFT contracts competes with IT or STFT services offered by the pipeline.
Its S-IPS technology builds on Hitachi's multiple award-winning STFT technology and enables crisp text, true colors, and sharpest, distortion-free images at viewing angles of 170 degrees, in both horizontal and vertical directions.
More specifically, unlike the STFT that provides uniform time resolution for all frequencies the DWT provides high time resolution and low frequency resolution for high frequencies and high frequency resolution and low time resolution for low frequencies.