STFXSt. Francis Xavier University
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Rey-Hermes appointment, STFX hired Aithene Yung, former Vice President Cash Product Management within the global transaction services division at DBS Bank Hong Kong, and former Vice President Product Management Global Trade and Receivables Finance at HSBC.
Working in seven small groups of four to five students, students at STFX developed websites focusing on a particular approach in qualitative research.
Each KU group was linked to a single STFX group through the establishment of email connections.
Recognizing that the STFX website developers needed technological assistance, a student intern was recruited to provide technology support.
Before the websites were uploaded, the KU students initiated electronic communication with their STFX counterparts and read one qualitative research article.
In an email to KU students, a STFX student said, "I wanted to thank all of you who participated in evaluating our web page .