STG44Sturmgewehr 1944 (German rifle)
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Anyway, the army was quietly developing the StG44 in 7.92x33 and didn't want scarce resources diverted.
The impact of the sudden appearance on the front line of a 30-round, selective-fire rifle, later to be named the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44), had to have been a startling event to the Russians.
We may not have the opportunity to own any of them, but their history is interesting, and through the efforts of German Sport Guns (GSG) and American Tactical Imports, we now have a rimfire version of the StG44 that, from all outside appearances, dimensions and weight, is as close to the real item as you'll find.
While the subsequent Soviet M43 7.62x39mm round was undoubtedly influenced by both the American .30 Carbine cartridge fired by the Ml Carbine as well as the 7.92x33mm Kurz round fired by the revolutionary StG44 assault rifle, the M43 was itself an entirely original design.
Over a decade previously the Germans had pioneered select-fire infantry rifles with their famous "Sturmgewehr" (aka MP43, MP44 and Stg44).
This time the guns were labeled StG44, which is where the famous name Sturmgewehr came into play.
I once owned an StG44 that was completely phosphated (the Germans usually referred to zinc phosphating as "bonderizing").
For example their StG44 Sturmgewehr was the forerunner of the famous Russian AK-47, and I doubt if I'll ever own one of them at today's prices.
There is little doubt that the extremely effective Stg44 inspired the Soviet 7.62x39mm AK47 assault rifle, which is likely the most prolific small arm ever fielded.
In an attempt to provide the Volkssturm with badly needed firepower, the Gustl-off Werke began development of a semi-auto rifle similar in concept to the StG44 that would be adopted as the Volkssturmgewehr.
It operates flawlessly in my selective-fire MP44 and the new semiautomatic-only StG44. Unfortunately, it's no longer listed on Hornady's website and I have no indication they plan to produce any more anytime within the foreseeable future.