STGMSpineless Tagless G-Machine
STGMSic Transit Gloria Mundi (Latin: Thus Passes the Glory of the World)
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STGM's capitalization stands at the strongest level, as measured by Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR), with an upward trend in capital and surplus growth during the past five years, mainly driven by consistent positive bottom-line results, with underwriting risk being the main component for required capital.
The operating performance of STGM has been positive for the past five years, which can be attributed mainly to the optimization of the business strategy carried out in 2012-2013, which remains unchanged.
The Muslim Bagh ophiolite comprises two main blocks; Jang Tor Ghar Massif (JTGM) and Saplai Tor Ghar Massif (STGM) (Bilgrami 1964; Fig.
The metamorphic rocks (also known as the Metamorphic Sole Rocks) are distributed around the Muslim Bagh ophiolite; in the northwestern part of JTGM west of STGM east of Nisai town and in the mACopyrightlange unit near the Bagh village (Fig.
Our contributions of this paper can be summarized as follows: (i) we introduce a spatiotemporal gradient map (STGM) to trace the boundary of the MOOI within a GoF; (ii) based on the STGM, a cost function for determining the center and size of the bounding box encapsulating the MOOI is formulated; (iii) an optimization process for updating the center and size of the bounding box alternately is introduced; (iv) the subjective visual quality especially for the MOOI is enhanced by nonuniformly reducing the size of the video frames as a preprocessing for the H.264 video compressions.
Then, we can construct a STGM [R.sup.k] by mosaicking the maximum saliency cost [S.sup.t.sub.tsc] at each pixel location throughout the GoF with even numbered frames starting from the first even numbered frame m0 to [m.sub.0] + [N.sub.0] - 2 for [N.sub.0] frames in the kth GoF of the H.264/AVC as follows:
The crust of the Muslim Bagh ophiolite is only exposed in STGM and consists of cumulate dunite, wehrlite and pyroxenite at the base, overlain by the layered and foliated gabbro.
The JTGM is comprised of only foliated peridotites, while the STGM shows a well-developed foliated peridotite stratigraphically overlain by the dunite rich transition zone (Fig.
The STGM of the Muslim Bagh ophiolite shows a nearly complete ophiolitic sequence, as defined by the Penrose conference (1972), only the uppermost unit consisting of extrusive rocks and related sediments is missing (Fig.1).
The crustal section of Muslim Bagh ophiolite is exposed in the eastern portion of the STGM (Fig.
In the Bagh complex, this unit is distributed near the localities like Bagh village, Kazhbayana village, and between the JTGM and STGM (Fig.
The rocks of sedimentary unit are distributed between the JTGM and STGM, along the Pashi Nala from the locality Kazhabayana to Ghunda Manra, along part of the Bagh Nala and some small outcrops in the northeastern corner of the mapped area (Fig.