STGOSantiago (Chile, capital)
STGOSpecial Types General Order (UK)
STGOSales Tax General Order (Pakistan)
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burnetii, SFGR, TGR, and STGO infection, respectively (Table 1).
The dual infections with SFGR and STGO and STGO and C.
The soldiers' postdeployment serum samples (n = 9,303) were screened at a dilution of 1:100 for IgG against TGR, SFGR, and STGO by using group-specific ELISA whole-cell antigen preparations from R typhi Wilmington, R.
The postdeployment seropositivity in US military personnel for antibodies against TGR, SFGR, and STGO at a titer [greater than or equal to] 100 were 1.