STGOSantiago (Chile, capital)
STGOSpecial Types General Order (UK)
STGOSales Tax General Order (Pakistan)
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For convalescent-phase samples with net absorbance [greater than or equal to] 0.500 at a 1:100 serum dilution, we subsequently assessed STGO IgG ELISA titer (range 1:100-1:6,400) with their paired acute-phase samples side-by-side to determine their endpoint titers.
The seroprevalence of STGO was 5.8%, similar to that reported from a previous study in Kenya (5).
The dual infections with SFGR and STGO and STGO and C.
Prevalence of IgG against Coxiella burnetii, SFGR, TGR, and STGO in serum samples from febrile children attending Webuye District Hospital, Bungoma, Kenya, November 2011-December 2012 * Antigen type Total no.
For his part, Mayor Felipe Alessandri stressed that through the program STGO Mira, "we are strengthening our Televigilance System, which will help us in the prevention of crime and the fight against crime, to have a safer Santiago and neighbors more protected, since the vast majority are honest and decent people, who have nothing to hide ".
The soldiers' postdeployment serum samples (n = 9,303) were screened at a dilution of 1:100 for IgG against TGR, SFGR, and STGO by using group-specific ELISA whole-cell antigen preparations from R typhi Wilmington, R.
The postdeployment seropositivity in US military personnel for antibodies against TGR, SFGR, and STGO at a titer [greater than or equal to] 100 were 1.3% (117/9,249), 9.0% (805/8,918), and 0.5% (44/9,135), respectively (Figure).
More SFGR infections occurred than TGR and STGO infections, although the pathogens for the latter infections (R.