STGPStrongly Typed Genetic Programming
STGPSouth Tunisian Gas Pipeline (Tunisian Company for Oil Activities)
STGPShared Tactical Ground Picture
STGPShell Trading Gas and Power Company
STGPSecreted/Shed Tumor Glycoproteins
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Some applications of the STGP Refrences Scientific Area [20], [29], * Knowledge discovery [123] [20], [29] * Data Mining [20], [29] * Data Center/Server farm Refrences Goal of Application [20], [29], Huge data classification, and knowledge [123] extraction, Game playing, etc.
The aim of the STGP project is to "produce Tunisian gas for the Tunisian market", an OMV representative told Interfax.
ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has-been Awarded a $ 216 million contract to deliver a gas treatment plant to the South Tunisian Gas Project (STGP).
Following reports that the government reneged on the South Tunisian Gas Project (STGP), the Ministry of Industry said in a statement that the project is an urgent need for the suitable exploitation of gas resources extracted from different fields in the South of Tunisia, and the security of supply of all southern governorates with gas.