STGWSturmgewehr (Swiss military)
STGWShort Term Goal Weight (weight loss)
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The beautifully crafted but portly Stgw. 57 was eventually replaced by the Sturmgewehr Modell 90 in 1984.
This rifle series was officially accepted into Swiss army service in 1990, where it is known as the StGw 90.
The black polymer buttstock is that of the StGw 90 and folds to the right and while, in an emergency, the rifle can be fired with the stock folded, this is not recommended.
The iron sights are very good for a battle rifle, though in my opinion not as good as the diopter rear sight on the Stgw 90 (SIG 550), the rifle that replaced the Stgw 57.
The Stgw 57 was the Swiss battle rifle in 7.5x55mm upon which the AMT was based.
More than 600,000 rifles in this series were subsequently manufactured, and the StGw 90 continues in Swiss military service to this day.
The SIQ522 has the looks of the 550 aeries that includes the Stgw 90 Swiss service rille, chambered for .22 Long Rifle.
The telescoping recoil spring system found on the Ruger SR9c is not new technology, as telescoping recoil spring systems were used more than half a century ago in the German MP38/40 submachine gun and many times since in both pistols and self-loading military rifles (such as the Swiss StGw 57).