STHLSenior Tar Heel Legislature (North Carolina)
STHLShun Tak Holdings Limited
STHLSeattle Table Hockey League (Seattle, WA)
STHLStichting Telefonische Hulpverlening Limburg (Dutch: Telephone Assistance Foundation Limburg; Netherlands)
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STHL is a non-profit New York Regional Health Information Organization (NY RHIO) designed as a partnership which brings together healthcare providers and consumers in Central New York with technology that will improve health care quality, access, and safety while reducing costs.
Furthermore, the technology will support HealthlinkNY, a new collaborative effort between STHL and the Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC) announced today as a result of their plans to merge.
We are very excited to be working with Infor to deploy the Cloverleaf HIE for HealthlinkNY," states Christina Galanis, Executive Director of STHL.
The STHL agreement brings the SHIN-NY partnership up to six RHIOs: BHIX (Brooklyn Health Information Exchange), eHealth Network of Long Island, Healthix, Interboro RHIO, and THINC (Taconic Health Information Network and Community), which serves the Hudson Valley Region, are the five other partners.
Our reasons for joining the SHIN-NY are simple: We can consolidate costs and make better use of our grant dollars; we can collaborate more fully to build on strong ideas and execution; and -- most importantly -- this partnership allows us to reach more providers," explained STHL Executive Director Christina Galanis.
With the successful completion of our interface to the Southern Tier HealthLink Web Portal, these same ordering physicians, along with any additional patient-approved providers, will not only be able to review the STI produced records, but also do so in the more complete context of accessing records produced by all other providers participating in the STHL.