STHPSilvertip Hollow Point (bullet)
STHPSubtropical High Pressure (zone)
STHPSchools Total Health Program
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9MM FACTORY AMMO PERFORMANCE LOAD VELOCITY ENERGY GROUP SIZE (BRAND, BULLET WEIGHT, TYPE) (FPS) (FT--LBS1 (INCHES) Federal 124 JHP 1,047 302 2-1/2 * Harnady 115 FTX 1,061 288 3-1/8 Speer 115 GDHP 1,176 353 4-7/8 Winchester 147 STHP 906 268 2-1/8 ** Notes: All groups the product of five shots at 25 yards.
As part of a sustainable agriculture platform, STHP products have worldwide patent protection and provide a cost-effective solution for growers and consumers who want to reduce residue chemicals in their fruits and vegetables.