STICSciences et Technologies de l'information et de la Communication (French: Information and Communication Science and Technology)
STICScience and Technology Information Center
STICSaid Tongue In Cheek
STICSubcarrier Traffic Information Channel
STICScience, Technology and Innovation Council (Canada)
STICSystème de Traitement des Infractions Constatées (French: Recorded Offenses Treatment System)
STICSanto Tomas Internment Camp (Manila, Philippines)
STICSubcarrier (FM Broadcast) Traffic Information Channel
STICStar Trek Italian Club
STICSmalltalk Industry Council
STICStudiekring voor Technische Informatie en Communicatie (Dutch Society for Technical Information & Communication)
STICSpace Telescope Institute Council
STICState Talent Identification Championships (Australia)
STICSociété des Transports Intercommunaux de Charleroi (French: Public Transport Company of Charleroi; Belgium)
STICSpatial-Temporal Image Correlation (ultrasound technique to evaluate the fetal heart)
STICSystème de Traitement de l'Information Criminelle (French: Criminal Information Processing System)
STICScience and Technology of Information and Communication
STICScientific & Technical Information Center
STICSarawak Tree Improvement Centre
STICSupport the Islanders Coalition
STICSprint PCS Technology Integration Center
STICSuspension Touch Interface Controller
STICSenior Technician In Charge
STICState-Wide Terrorism Intelligence Center
STICSupply Transaction Identifier Code
STICSystem Technology Integration Center
STICSynthetic Target Injection Check
STICShort-Term, Innovative Concept (US Army)
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9,10) Both BRCA1/2 mutation-positive and sporadic cases of nonuterine HGSC have been shown to be associated with concomitant STIC, with matched pairs of STIC-HGSC harboring identical TP53 mutations.
La proyeccion y escenas "tras las camaras", sera en las instalaciones del STIC, Pirineos 234, colonia Santa Cruz Atoyac, Delegacion Benito Juarez, a las 20:00 horas, "con la presencia de Fernando Perez Gavilan, asi como de Agustin Meza y Juan Fernandez Guzman, secretario general y gaffer del STIC, respectivamente", senalo Vistrain, quien personifica en el corto a la periodista Mariana.
A statistically significant association was found between high-grade serous carcinoma and occurrence of STIC lesion in the fallopian tube as STIC was identified in 10 cases out of 27 high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma cases(37.
STIC was the biggest internment camp of the Japanese in the Philippines.
A primary focus for the 824K design is operator convenience and safety, such as providing lighted, shallow-angle stairways for entering and exiting the cab, and designing the STIC armrest to fold away for added room when entering or leaving the seat.
Findings demonstrated that in the 48 HGSC patients with STIC, IMP3 was positive in 46% of STIC lesions and had a similar positive rate in the invasive components of HGSC.
The STIC has also emphasized that the identification of these sub-priorities should be used to guide research agencies in designing research support programs, but support must be balanced and include broad support for basic, discovery-oriented research.
STIC was built as a fully interactive demonstration facility that provides a technology hub for innovative practices and enables educators in the region to evaluate new technologies.
The 854K replaces the 854G and retains the best features, including the impeller clutch torque converter for superior operator control and optimum power to the ground, lockup clutch for direct drive efficiency, and STIC control system for reduced steering and transmission control effort.
The STIC argued clearly and at length against the incinerator complex but the council was determined to push ahead.
net, a Virginia-based provider will be able to compete with AOL on nationwide cable lines with New York Connect, Internet Junction and STIC.