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STICSciences et Technologies de l'information et de la Communication (French: Information and Communication Science and Technology)
STICSystème de Traitement des Infractions Constatées (French: Recorded Offenses Treatment System)
STICStar Trek Italian Club
STICStudiekring voor Technische Informatie en Communicatie (Dutch Society for Technical Information & Communication)
STICSpace Telescope Institute Council
STICSociété des Transports Intercommunaux de Charleroi (French: Public Transport Company of Charleroi; Belgium)
STICSpatial-Temporal Image Correlation (ultrasound technique to evaluate the fetal heart)
STICSystème de Traitement de l'Information Criminelle (French: Criminal Information Processing System)
STICScience and Technology of Information and Communication
STICScientific & Technical Information Center
STICSarawak Tree Improvement Centre
STICSuspension Touch Interface Controller
STICSupport the Islanders Coalition
STICSenior Technician In Charge
STICSystem Technology Integration Center
STICSupply Transaction Identifier Code
STICState-Wide Terrorism Intelligence Center
STICSynthetic Target Injection Check
STICShort-Term, Innovative Concept (US Army)
STICScience and Technology Information Center
STICSaid Tongue In Cheek
STICSmalltalk Industry Council
STICSubcarrier (FM Broadcast) Traffic Information Channel
STICSprint PCS Technology Integration Center
STICSanto Tomas Internment Camp (Manila, Philippines)
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This rapid enrollment, which is rare among STIC trials, underscores the need for, and interest in, innovative, minimally invasive treatment options for patients with severe emphysema.
The STIC has also emphasized that the identification of these sub-priorities should be used to guide research agencies in designing research support programs, but support must be balanced and include broad support for basic, discovery-oriented research.
For example, Missouri's STIC voted to apply incentives to MoDOT's collaborative project with the Missouri University of Science and Technology to design a full-depth, fiber-reinforced polymer bridge deck panel that is stronger and more economical than those currently in use.
Interest in the STIC to extra-fallopian tube serous cancers hypothesis was enhanced by the histopathologic evaluation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes of BRCA-positive women undergoing prophylactic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.
STIC incentives can be used for a variety of activities, including developing technical guidance and standards, implementing changes in system processes, organizing peer exchanges, delivering training, and offsetting the costs of deploying innovations.
The PneumRx study is one of only two STIC projects selected by the Ministry of Health for funding in 2012, and the first in the field of emphysema treatment since 2006.
Short-term Investments Trust STIC Prime Portfolio at 'AAAmmf'.
Today, the group includes representatives of the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT), as well as city and county agencies, which made it a suitable organization to serve as the State's STIC.
In Prague, the STIC will be located at the secondary technical school, Na Trebesine.
STIC is Illinois' "fusion center," an entity that integrates the gathering, storage, sharing, and analysis of information about suspected criminal activity among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in Illinois.
The STIC will be focused on the development and research of new educational approaches, classroom solutions and products to improve educational outcomes in Brazil.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- IKANO Communications, the world's largest provider of private-label Internet services, announces the acquisition of STIC.