STICCSeamless Transition Integrated Care Clinic (US VA)
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A STICC participant suggested, with reference to the idea of bridging capital as applied to African American communities: "On the bridging note .
In a pointed challenge, a STICC participant observed: "For me, you cannot measure it.
As another participant from STICC shared: "I understand the social-capital concept.
One of the participating intermediaries (STICC) developed a model defining levels of partnership At the least restrictive level are visitors.
The idea of partnership as earned status was appealing to the local organizations participating in the evaluation trainings hosted by STICC. These organizations felt that they had demonstrated a long-term commitment to the community; they felt that those who wanted to share resources with them should also demonstrate such commitment.
One answer, consistently offered by one of the participating organizations (STICC), is that this understanding is absolutely central since it establishes the dynamic played out in contemporary relations across races.
The practical question raised by this difference of positions is whether these two organizations (GCDC and STICC) could partner with each other.
As one STICC representative said, "There are poor people all over the country.