STICSStop the Intervention Collective Sydney (Australia)
STICSSimulateur mulTIdisciplinaire pour les Cultures Standard (French)
STICSSpatial Trends in Coastal Socioeconomics (US NOAA)
STICSScalable Transportable Intelligence Communications System
STICSSupra-Thermal Ion Composition Spectrometer
STICSStockholm Institute of Communication Science (Stockholm, Sweden)
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With a stic I pushed it closer and closer, until at last he touched it wit his beak; the paper was then instantly torn off with fury and at the same moment, every bird in the long row bega struggling and flapping its wings.
This is one way STICs can empower transportation at the local level, so that innovation comes not only in the technology deliverables, but also in getting out their ideas through collaboration."
Morphologically, STICs are characterized by a proliferation of nonciliated epithelium showing nuclear stratification, marked nuclear pleomorphism, prominent nucleoli, and mitotic figures.
The basis for this hypothesis was the finding of a lesion in the fallopian tubes of women with genetic predisposition for ovarian carcinoma, designated as "serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma" (STIC), which has molecular, immunohistochemical, and morphological similarities with high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma.
As STICs mature, many expand their membership to a wider variety of public and private stakeholders, even creating regional networks.
All STICs work to make transportation innovation mainstream, but their approaches are as different as the States they represent.
Many State Transportation Innovation Councils use FHWA's STIC Incentive Program to boost their efforts to mainstream the new technologies and practices that they choose to implement.
A new FHWA program offers resources to State Transportation Innovation Councils (STICs) to support their efforts to mainstream innovations for highway programs, including those under the Every Day Counts initiative.
FHWA introduced the concept of STICs to the highway community in fall 2010 during a series of EDC regional summits held throughout the country.