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Elsewhere, STIDD's MRCC comprises a medium-sized, rigid hull, multipurpose maritime platform capable of being operated as a surface vessel as well as a semi-submerged and fully submerged platform.
THE MULTI-ROLE Intermediate Support Craft, made by Stidd Systems Inc., of Greenport, N.Y., is a submersible boat that can travel at speeds up to 30 knots on the surface.
Stem diameter and anatomy also suggest that a number of permineralized forms were vine- or liana-like (e.g., Sterzel, 1896; Baxter, 1949; Stidd & Phillips, 1973; Rothwell, 1975; Hamer & Rothwell, 1988; Dunn et al., 2003).
I would like also to thank Don Smith, Barry Long, Sean Stidd, Kira Berman, Steve Wagner, Richard Mohr, Robert Wengert, and CQ's reader and editors for many vigorous criticisms and helpful suggestions.
Stidd produces one of the most unique diver delivery systems on the market today--unfortunately the manufacturer could not provide any recent information, photos or illustrations.
Stidd (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2001), 13-61; and idem., "The Method of the Tractatus," in From Frege to Wittgenstein, ed.
To make the new seats, the original seat manufacturer, a company called Stidd Systems Inc., of Greenport, N.Y., partnered with Taylor Devices Inc., of North Tonawanda, N.Y., which produces shock absorbers like those used in cars.
Composite concept based on reconstructions of vegetative and fertile structures by Morgan (1959), Stidd (1971), and Millay (1979, 1982).
Fossil orbicules are also found in pteridosperm pollen organs (e.g., Taylor, 1976; Stidd, 1978).