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In the multivariate analysis (Table 3), attendance at kindergarten (OR = 1.67), household smoking (OR = 1.53), occurrence of rhinitis (OR = 3.35), family history of asthma (OR = 3.02) and positive STIH (OR = 2.48) remained significantly associated with the prevalence of asthma.
In this study, the application of an ISAAC standard questionnaire aided the identification of factors associated with asthma prevalence, including attendance at kindergarten, household smoking, family history and factors linked to the immunological system, such as rhinitis and positive responses to STIH. Although the data were collected in 2007-2008, it should be taken into account that the prevalence of asthma in Brazil has been a significant health problem for many years (5,18,19).
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The OLCA board notified Oslin by letter that he would stih be entitled to all press releases, mailings, announcements and other items flowing into the pressroom.
After prowling through a few of the stores and chatting with the universally helpffil and patient salespeople, we mastered the differences between hand-loomed sweaters (done on small knitting machines, but individually made) and the more-expensive (though stiH a wonderful bargain) hand-knit ones.
From a guidebook created by Berlin artists Frieder Schnock and Renata Stih as part of Bus Stop, their entry in a design competition, sponsored by the German government, for a memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
This condition stih is present in various automatic change procedures (e.g., Rev.
The biggest benefits of Genesee County's integrated modeling program are stih to come, the engineers say.
That the giant plate was yet another symbol lacking any relation to the debate on remembering the presence of everyday Jewish culture before the Third Reich did not enter the discussion; a proposal presented by Renate Stih and Frieder Schnock, aimed at information and communication instead of the memorialization of genocide, was rejected on different grounds.