STIIScience and Technology Information Institute (Philippines)
STIIStable Enterotoxin II
STIIStraits Times Industrials Index
STIISystolic Time Interval Index
STIISkin Test Inhibition Index
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The earlier edition of Starbooks contained scanned materials and science journals of STII. But over the years, the contents have been enhanced to include videos covering topics on food and nutrition, health, climate change and the environment.
Stratex International Plc (AIM: STII), a UK-based exploration and development company engaged in developing gold resources and base metal deposits in Turkey, has completed an in-house JORC-compliant resource estimate.
These critical parameters can be combined in a Soldering Temperature Impact Index, STII, which is defined as STII = Tg/2 + Td/2 - (TE%(50 to 260[degrees]C) x 10).
These include the East China Beverage Conference in association with the China Food Industry Association, Beijing and the Shanghai Food Industry Association, SMFDA & STII + Health Supplement Association and China Packaging Association--Packaging Technology Conference.
Two families of diarrheagenic STs have been described: STa (or STI) and STb (or STII).
To examine research question number three, Bearden, Netemeyer, and Teel's (1989) consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence (STII) scale was introduced as a covariate.
The data for this study consists of monthly returns on 22 stocks which are constituents of the Straits Times Industrial Index (STII).
To determine the real score, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through the Science and Technology Information Institute (STII), has engaged the Social Weather Stations to do quarterly surveys to gauge the people's level of awareness on SandT in general, on the DOST and all its attached agencies, on its regional offices, and on knowledge of its products and services.
Stanza 2: Eu te iau in brafe, gura fi-o sarut,/Tu nu fi perversa, ca ma iubesti mult./Ti-iei la revedere cu mana, imi placi,/Cu rasu' pervers stii ca ma ataci.
Pana la implementarea efectiva a acestor masuri si aparitia primelor rezultate, companiile care isi vor gestiona cel mai bine resurselor, interne si externe, si care vor stii sa beneficieze de infomatiile disponibile, vor avea sansele cele mai mari de a ramane, poate nu la fel de puternice, dar cel putin competitive si cu posibilitati reale de a reveni pe directia de crestere.
ABBREVIATIONS PRIMARY SOURCES AB Aitareya Brahmana AV Atharvaveda ApSS Apastamba Srauta Sutra AsvSS Asvalayana Srauta Sutra BSS Baudhayana Srauta Sutra BhSS Bharadvaja Srauta Sutra HirKSS Hiranyakesi Srauta Sutra KB Kausitaki Brahmana KS Kathaka Samhita MSS Manava Srauta Sutra MS Maitrayani Samhita YV Yajurveda VarSS Varaha Srauta Sutra SBK Satapatha Brahmana, Kanva recension SBM Satapatha Brahmana, Madhyandina recension SV Samaveda SSS Sankhayana Srauta Sutra SECONDARY SOURCES GGA Gottingische Gelehrte Anzeigen IIJ Indo-Iranian Journal JA Journal asiatique JAOS Journal of the American Oriental Society StII Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik WZKS Wiener Zeitschrift fur die Kunde Sudasiens ZDMG Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft