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STILTStochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport
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Stilt walkers must be over 16, reasonably fit and with no previous knee injuries and be able to commit to training and performance dates.
The RSPB is proactively managing its wetlands for the arrival of birds such as Stilts and Baillon's Crakes, which are expected to occur here more frequently as a result of the changing climate.
While sources said dispensaries in general did not see many vehicles parked in the vicinity, the problem was writ large because not only is the total area small, but providing stilt parking areas would eat into the FAR drastically.
e kids have to do homework before they can go on the stilts.
He was said to have been most active in the severe years of the Depression, but like the enigmatic Anfield Housebreaker (another busy daredevil burglar) the Stilt Man was never brought to justice - although an elderly reader once told me that a man was found with a broken neck in a backyard in Walton in the 1930s, and a pair of stilts were lying close by, but children stole them.
The black-winged stilt, common stilt, or pied stilt is a widely distributed very long-legged wader in the avocet and stilt family.
The Corporate Entertainment Professional acts including the stilt entertainers were asked by the production team to come back and film the second part of the "Harlem Shake" circus theme for the opening show of Britain's Got More Talent alongside TV presenter Stephen Mulhern.
We discontinued use of plasticine eggs at the end of the first field season when we observed two instances where a plasticine egg was stuck to the incubating bird upon analysis of data from cameras; once to the foot of an avocet and another time to the brood patch of a stilt.
OAKRIDGE - Expectations for recess entertainment reached new heights at Oakridge Elementary School this spring, as the district received a grant from national talk show host Jenny Jones to buy five pairs of stilts.
A fun filled Modhesh Party on August 7th, Ballerinas on stilts on August 10th and 11th, and the adventurous Pirates on stilts on August 14th and 15th.
Campers enjoyed the rare opportunity to learn by doing many of the fun and exciting acts seen in circuses around the world, including the single trapeze, wire walking, stilt walking, juggling, and plate spinning.
A diverse group of insects known as stilt bugs are both friend and foe to our agricultural crops.