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STILTStochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport
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Mr Grinder's company, familiarly termed a lot, consisted of a young gentleman and a young lady on stilts, and Mr Grinder himself, who used his natural legs for pedestrian purposes and carried at his back a drum.
After lingering at the finger-post for a few minutes to see the stilts frisking away in the moonlight and the bearer of the drum toiling slowly after them, he blew a few notes upon the trumpet as a parting salute, and hastened with all speed to follow Mr Codlin.
The kind of plover, which appears as if mounted on stilts (Himantopus nigricollis), is here common in flocks of considerable size.
I recollect," Becky continued pensively, "my father took me to see a show at Brookgreen Fair when I was a child, and when we came home, I made myself a pair of stilts and danced in the studio to the wonder of all the pupils.
The rises were topped by clumps of meagre trees, with their branches showing high on the sky as if they had been perched upon stilts.
In 2008, Chhum wanted to display paintings of floating and stilt houses for his first solo exhibition at Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture, but he decided to put it on hold because of time constraints, instead turning to more accessible Khmer traditional wooden housing structures instead.
They did, but they had removed the stilts years earlier.
They then confirmed the hypothesis put forward by STILT in an additional single-cell experiment with increased Nanog.
Houses on stilts could be the answer to our flooding problems NEW Government initiatives to combat the high tides that have devastated Elland, Leeds and large areas of the north of England could include building new homes on stilts.
The fledgling stilt walk-walk ers will be put through their paces with expert training before taking part in a colourful street carnival.
Drought in Spain this spring caused more than a dozen Stilts to continue their migration to southern Britain, and now chicks have hatched on RSPB nature reserves in Kent and Sussex, the first since 1987.
A building that could have housed 30 rooms will instead be able to house only 20 rooms because stilt parking will take up a lot of space.