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STIMSvenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå
STIMSmart Transducer Interface Module (from IEEE standard 1451.1)
STIMStar Trek Italia Magazine
STIMSecurity Through Interaction Modeling
STIMSociety to Increase Mobility
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He couldn't go into shopping malls, and he had constant night terrors." Luke's back injury confined him toa wheelchair but since using the Alpha Stim he has found work as risk consultant on major infrastructure projects.
Alpha Stims could be rented to NHS patients for [pounds sterling]70 -- compared with [pounds sterling]600 for a course of cognitive behavioural therapy.
To do this, 120 specimens were allocated to individual containers (one animal per container) and separated into two groups, each group having specimens exposed to Stim and Non-Stim solutions.
Among the two novel weed sensors embedded in the system, one used the conventional interface between the sensor and the CAN network, while the second one, designed using the "smart transducer" concept, contained two microcontrollers serving as STIM and NCAP, respectively.
Norwegian IT operating services provider TeleComputing ASA said on Thursday (1 September) that it had signed a final agreement to acquire 86.5% of the share capital of Stim Computing AS.
The 1451.2 standard uses a synchronous serial connection--an enhanced SPI protocol--as the electrical interface between the STIM and the NCAP.
The Stim Slat III delivers two new technologies through its FracPacSM service and of Shore fracturing systems In addition, it offers a number of other contributing technologies successfully used by operators in the Gulf, including: Delta FracPacSM service, Carbonate 20/20 service.
Among the new tenants recently attracted to the building are Stim Consulting Services, Ltd., G.S.I.
In this guide for general readers, Rich Stim, author of the blog oDear Rich: An Intellectual Property Blog,o explains basic and advanced copyright issues and offers sample forms for many situations.
Intellectual property attorney, Nolo author and legal editor Stim presents a practical guide to getting legal permission to use the copyrighted creative works of other people, including text, photographs, artwork, music, trademarks, characters, and images of real people.
It says that the UK population will be cajoled by a huge public marketing campaign into purchasing their own surrogate and a special operating device - called a 'Stim Chair' - that they attach themselves to in the safety of their own home.
Citing the ubiquity of contracts in every aspect of life, Stim notes many everyday transactions and activities that are contractually based: work, the gas station, parking garage, gym, supermarket, rent, television, as well as birth, marriage, divorce, death, among others.