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Munro said the first entity to express interest in keeping the Addison plant open was the Enterprise Corporation of the Delta, a community development institution that provides financial and technical assistance to stimu late business and community development in the Delta regions of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.
Moving from the comfort zone of eight years as Executive Director of Royal College of Nursing, Australia to the position of Commonwealth Chief Nurse and M idwifery Officer in July this year stimu lated me to reflect on my nursing career and the various positions I have held.
The technology of automated stimu lus presentation as well as conductance measurement and recording is now mature enough for a sound and generally acceptable methodology.
46), and 12% of Medicaid recipients between the ages of two and four were on stimu lants such as Ritalin in one midwestern study (p.
That being said, I firmly believe that A Tour of the Darkling Plain: The Finnegans Wake Letters of Thornton Wilder and Adaline Glasheen represents an important resource for anyone interested in Finnegans Wake, and the observations collected here will remain for a good number of years an important stimu lus for continued examination of Joyce's masterpiece.
(6) The Dutch study suggests that the use of stimu lant or antidepressant medication may worsen bipolar disorder in youths, which has been born out in other studies.
Similarly, grazing amphipods are common and often abundant on the rocky marine bottoms that have stimu lated so much groundbreaking research in community ecology.
[27] These instructional videos served as the experimental stimu li for the symbolic modeling and verbal persuasion efficacy-information conditions.
The anterior pole of at least some cnidarian planulae includes a region that must contact stimu latory surfaces for metamorphosis to occur (Muller et al., 1977; Freeman and Ridgway, 1987), and there is good evidence that the antennules of barnacle cyprid larvae are the location of receptors for settlement inducers (summarized by Clare, 1995).
Kenyon de Pascual, `The dulcians (bajon and bajoncillo) in Spain: an updated review' (forthcoming in the proceedings of the STIMU symposium on doublereed instruments, Utrecht, 1994).
He is ready but what I want to make sure is that we have enough stimu lation and focus for him to continue developing.