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STIMULUSSegmentation for Transport In Markets Using Latent User Psychological Structures (research project)
STIMULUSSmart Total Implant for the Monitoring of Loosening
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The picture had stimulus control over responding (i.
The spending response on nondurable goods in 2008 was a little smaller than many of the estimates associated with a previous stimulus program, that in 2001.
Using the Operant MTS Procedure as a Masking Task for Respondent Acquisition of Stimulus Classes
To test our hypothesis that the premier expression is the very first facial reaction in response to an affective stimulus that expresses the evoked emotion, we also recorded event-related potentials (ERPs) using electroencephalography (EEG).
Some studies have investigated the long-term maintenance of stimulus equivalence performance without further exposure to the reinforcement contingencies of the prerequisite conditional discriminations.
In an interview, the head of the apex bank said that the bank has 'enough tools' to manage the winding down of its enormous stimulus programme.
To investigate whether simultaneous or successive stimulus presentation establishes different relations of control (selection or rejection) in simple discrimination procedures, an alternative could be recording eye movements.
2 With you holding your dog on leash, have a helper present the stimulus at threshold distance X.
Not really, retorts Stanford economist John Taylor, a stimulus critic, on his blog.
In Paxton's case, stimulus money went to a privately held entity that's been in the news before: WatchGuard Video, a Plano-based company that once touted having three state legislators, including Paxton, among its investors.