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STIOScientists/Technologists of Indian Origin (Department of Science and Technology; India)
STIOScientific and Technical Information, Old
STIOSuzuki Toshihiro ISO Office (Japan)
STIOSupratentorial in Origin (medicine)
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The negative and significant coefficient of STIO is unexpected on the surface; however, it can be partially attributed to the fact that it is "picking up" the negative impact of institutional ownership.
in Islamabad, Ambassador Shahid Kamal and Advisor Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO) were also present on the occasion.
Some studies have tended to support these ideas as well (Cadoret, 1952; Stanford, 1973; Stanford & Stio, 1976), but I could find none in the opposite direction.
The UK Supreme Court ruled last year that Scottish The UK Supreme Court ruled last year that Scottish p lice can no lo l nger er que ue uest st stio ion police can no longer question suspects without a lawyer being present.
Naek has urged the Islamic Countries to join Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO) for mutual benefit and progress in the field of Science and Technology.He was addressing the concluding session of the COMSTECH 14th General Assembly meeting on Thursday.
In much of Stanford's own PMIR research, it was the standard scores, rather than whether his subjects reliably escaped the boring task, that provided the statistical evidence for the hypothesis (e.g., Standford & Associates, 1976; Stanford & Stio, 1976).
With the formation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO) under the umbrella of COMSTECH, further rapid progress of COMSTECH is anticipated with full support from the OIC member states, he added.
According to a report in Nature News, Shiva Ayyadurai, an entrepreneur inventor and Fulbright Scholar with four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, was the first scientist to be appointed under the CSIR scheme to recruit about 30 scientists and technologists of Indian origin (STIOs) into researcher leadership roles.