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STIPESocieta Tecnica Impianti Petrolchimici Ecologici
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That chemistry had begun in the late 1970s in the small American town of Athens, Georgia, where guitarist Peter Buck worked in the local record store and singer Stipe was a regular customer.
Indiepixie conducting THE FIRST video interview with Michael Stipe for REM's latest album, Accelerate.
Stipe knows his voice occasionally falters when he reaches for high notes he once comfortably wrapped around.
Stipe had previously said he did not think of himself as straight, gay or bisexual and had been in relationships with both men or women, saying: 'I'm an equal-opportunity lech.
He seems to get more of his identity from his career, "There were times Sandy could have gone the more commercial route, but he maintained his commitment to making art," says Mathis, who introduced her "thick as thieves" pal to Stipe in 1996 via her boyfriend River Phoenix.
A 25-year veteran in hospital management, Stipe returned to his previous role as president and chief executive officer of Sunrise Hospitals & Medical Center and Sunrise Children's Hospital in July 1999.
Stipe and Chelan County Planning Director John Guenther presented the idea to Chelan County Port District commissioners at their Jan.
Michael Stipe has a bunch of singing and I have some background to do, and we've got a couple of songs we hope Michael will finish.
In years to come it will probably be almost as memorable as the thick blue line of make-up Stipe was wearing across his face which made him look a bit like a bald Hong Kong Phooey.
The crew is older, some have families, and the famously cryptic Michael Stipe is ever more comprehensible these days.
Resume: Executive-produced Velvet Goldmine for his production company, Single Cell Pictures Next: Being John Malkovich; Showtime film Freak City Out in action: Supports gay filmmakers such as Christopher Munch, in whose Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day Stipe made his acting debut (in a gay role)
s "Tainted Obligation" by the duo of Sweet and Michael Stipe (calling themselves the Community Trolls) and tracks from the Sweet-led The Buzz Of Delight: "Briar Rose," "The Story Of Love" and "Ninety-Six Sheets.