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STJSuperior Tribunal de Justica (Brazil)
STJSupremo Tribunal de Justiça (Portugal)
STJSuperconducting Tunnel Junction
STJSubtalar Joint
STJSubtropical Jet (meteorology)
STJSelma Times-Journal (Selma, AL)
STJSan Giljan (postal locality, Malta)
STJSociety of St. Teresa of Jesus (Covington, LA)
STJSatellite TADIL J
STJSciences et Techniques Jeunesse (French: Youth Science and Technology)
STJSt Joseph, Missouri, USA - Rosecrans Memorial Airport
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No mesmo caminhar de ampla protecao, recentemente o STJ entendeu que "e impenhoravel o unico imovel comercial do devedor quando o aluguel daquele esta destinado unicamente ao pagamento de locacao residencial por sua entidade familiar" (REsp 1.616.475-PE, Rel.
Phil Shelley, who was the British bank's vice chair of banking in Europe, Middle East and Africa until the start of this year, is now a partner and chair of UK advisory at STJ Partners.
Ao que parece, o STJ destacou que a incerteza do acerto da questao impossibilitava a condenacao do Reu ao pagamento total da indenizacao pleiteada (lucros cessantes).
Therefore, this article aims at outlining recent highlights of STJ's environmental case-law, analyzing more in depth some of the court's leading environmental cases and some of its contributions to the evolution of environmental law in the country.
Penalties--Balisy Stj (interference), 16:28; Trupp, Wor (kneeing), 20:00.
Under IRC [section] 7443A and Tax Court rules 180 through 183, the Tax Court's chief judge may appoint an STJ to conduct hearings, trials or other matters before the court.
GLOBE, as proposed, has a strong link with the Mission of STJ, specifically in serving the promise that: "We aim not only to be excellent professionals with an ability to analyze and articulate clearly what is, but also to develop the ethical and aesthetic values to imagine and help realize what might be." Further, the program reflects the Vincentian spirit that guides academic programming at the University in striving to reach out to disenfranchised populations through community service and "reflective learning." With program implementation, resources are devoted to mutually beneficial ends--as tools of instruction for students and faculty, as well as tools of sustenance for needy beneficiaries of the loans around the world.
Decisao unanime da 2a Turma do STJ no sentido de, primeiro, admitir a medida cautelar para conferir efeito suspensivo ao recurso especial pendente de admissibilidade na origem; posteriormente, julgar procedente o pedido cautelar, uma vez que configurado o fumus bonis iuris e o periculum in mora.
Irwin Couvillion as the special trial judge (STJ) for the case.
CIT Relay and Switch has introduced the STJ Series sealed tactile switch.