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STKSIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Tool Kit
STKSIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Toolkit
STKStanice Technické Kontroly (Czech: Technical Inspection Center)
STKSuper Tux Kark (racing game)
STKSim Tool Kit
STKStorage Tek
STKSoap Tool Kit
STKStack File
STKSatellite Tool Kit
STKStatni Technicka Knihovna (Czech: The State Technical Library)
STKSerine/Threonine Protein Kinase
STKStorage Technology Corporation
STKShoot to Kill (gaming clan)
STKSteve Kirsch (founder of Infoseek)
STKSrc-Type Kinase (gene)
STKSingle Track Kilometre (railway unit; UK)
STKStandard Telefon og Kabel
STKSound and Tight Knotted (forest products industry)
STKStichbankeramik (stroke-ornamented ware, distinctive of central European archaeological cultures of the 6th millennium BC)
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This achievement is a testament to our unique ability to deliver VIBE dining into the entire STK restaurant experience and grow our market share within the upscale dining segment.
STK Doha offers its guests 13 exquisite cuts of quality steak, including Japanese Wagu "Hyda" beef, plus 8 distinctive steak toppings from organic hen's egg to bacon and blue cheese.
The heart of the STK is its multi-functional blade, which not only serves as a knife but has a load of other functions built in as well.
The STK chief explained that farmers globally are facing more and more stringent MRL policies.
Also, the company said that STK Dubai has indoor seating for 180 guests and features its classic menu along with the brand's signature decor.
The increase was driven by an increase in management and incentive fees at our STK in Las Vegas as well as the opening of STK Ibiza and STK Miami at the ME Hotel and was partially offset by a decline in revenue and in the currency exchange rates versus the same period a year ago from our UK operations.
BDA acted as the exclusive financial advisor to STK on the transaction.
Commenting on the launch of STK Q Touch Case and Q Touch Pad, Mr.
Entry fees are set at P2,500 (standard), P2,000 (sprint and mini sprint) and P1,000 (STK).
Spatial Temporal Information Systems: An Ontological Approach Using STK