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STLIScientific Technology and Language Institute (est. 1993; Cypress, CA)
STLISchool Technology Leadership Initiative
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STLIShort Course of Total Lymphoid Irradiation (organ transplantation)
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The STLI's curricular content, instructional format, and theory to practice stance culminates in individual and institutional change.
[1] The STLI's Website,, provides a complete description of the STLI's three-prong goals of curriculum, communication, and outreach.
[3] Select the STLI Curriculum link at an overview of the STLI's curriculum.
[4] Select the Mindmap of Technology Tools link at a concept map of technology tools integrated into the STLI coursework.
[6] Access the STLI's weblog at recent news from various educational technology leadership sources.
Hughes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies, and McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Educational Policy and Administration, are Co-Directors of the STLI. Garrett Dikkers, Ph.D.
* Curriculum Development: The STLI developed and delivers a 15-credit graduate certificate program that encompasses the breadth and depth of the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A).
* Higher Education Outreach: The STLI provides assistance to other educational leadership graduate programs that wish to enhance their own school technology-related preparation practices.
* K-12 Outreach: The STLI electronically disseminates many of its curricular components, program development suggestions, resources on current issues, and other school technology leadership information to facilitate K-12 professional development and support practitioners.
* Strategic Partnerships: The STLI works with major corporations, educational organizations, educational leadership associations, and other partners in curriculum development and outreach initiatives.
The STLI graduate certificate program format encourages nationwide participation.
Student learning in the STLI is framed within participants' school-based issues and challenges.