STLKSuomen Tunnustuksellinen Luterilainen Kirkko (Finnish: Finland's Confessional Lutheran Church)
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In conducting regression and correlation analysis on STLK 4
statistically significant, relative to those levels found at STLK 5.
The strong relationship between the fecal levels found at STLK 3 vs.
collection system into the tributary near location STLK 4.
all other sample locations--STLK 1, STLK 2, STLK 6, STLK 8 and STLK
bacteria entering the lake was from location STLK 6 but the levels did
not strongly correlate with those bacterial levels found at STLK 5.
may be due to the location of STLK 6 relative to its outlet at the lake.
Referring to Figure 1, there is a sizeable distance between STLK 6 and