STLPShort Term Lending Program
STLPSecure Transport Layer Protocol
STLPStudent Technology Leadership Program (Kentucky)
STLPLong Play Stereo Mode (Sony voice recorders)
STLPSky's the Limit Productions (record label)
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Two different models of STLP antenna were created, which are shown in Fig.
1, volume model of STLP antenna shows more satisfactory results, reaching GDM value of 0.
Validation results of DRGH antenna are generally less satisfying than those of STLP antenna, both surface and scan model show relatively high values of GDM for antenna factor, that is 0.
For STLP antenna, both models, surface and volume, show relatively similar results, although the simulation parameters are much more favourable for surface model, where simulation time and the memory requirements are almost 20-times lower.
STLP antenna models: (a) surface and (b) volume, without mesh (up) and detailed with mesh (down)
STLP antenna: Comparison of (a) antenna factor and (b) gain of analysed models to measured values
Harrison says that students who don't seem to thrive in conventional classrooms often flourish in the STLP environment.
Students who aren't necessarily the sports stars or might not be involved in other, mainstream school activities come to STLP and find that just about everyone wants to do things with technology, which opens up an avenue for those students to excel.
Harrison says there are active STLP programs in roughly 900 of Kentucky's 1,200 K-12 schools.
STLP is a project-based learning program that empowers students in all grade levels to use technology.