STLRSegment-Table Length Register
STLRScience & Technology Law Review (Columbia)
STLRSymmetric Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex
STLRStandard Temperature Lapse Rate (meteorology)
STLRStanford Technology Law Review (Stanford University journal of legal scholarship on law and technology)
STLRSaint Louis Raver Community Website.
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Representing DyStar as one of the panellists at the STLR, John Easton, Ecology Solutions Manager, commented: "I think the one big idea that come out of the discussion was that in order to move towards sustainability we need greater co-operation along the supply chain, from the brands and retailers right the way back to the fibre suppliers, chemical suppliers and the machinery suppliers.
3 Hajipur-Chhapra Kacheri Section Casual renewal of Glued joints MNO 01 SDG 03 DES 06 AYRN 11 CKRD 04 HJP 98 SEE 40 PMU 02 NYO 02 STLR 08 DGA 14and GJH 09 Total 198 Nos
In addition, transcripts from the live event will appear on the Web sites of both the Stanford Law Review and STLR.