STLSStructured Total Least Squares
STLSSternberg Triangular Love Scale (social psychology)
STLSSouthern Tier Library System (Painted Post, NY)
STLSSoft Tissue Limb Sarcoma
STLSStinger Launch Simulator
STLSSurface Tension Lowering Substance
STLSSpecified Transfer Listing Service (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
STLSSubacute Thyroiditis-Like Syndrome
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Algorithms like BLOOMP, JCP, and STLS tend to generate nonsparse and defocused images in the presence of off-grid scatterers, since they do not exploit the off-grid problem accurately.
In a study by Rizzon, Mosmann and Wagner (2013) which involved 102 participants from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in a physical relationship (married or living with a fixed partner), between 19 and 79 years of age, a positive and significant correlation was found between the marital quality measures and love, measured by means of the STLS.
9% Internet Table 4 Analysis of Three Love Components Type of relationship M SD t STLS Intimacy Not mediated by Internet 108.
Despite this possible relationship between suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome and the morphological differences, in the infraspinatus or supraspinatus muscle and variations in the STLS, we were unable to correlate all the aforementioned in the subject of this case report due the poor documentation (Osuagwu et al.
The STLS estimator restores symmetry of the error distribution by symmetric trimming in such a way that the uncensored observations in the upper tail are replaced by their estimated symmetrically censored values, and the observations with [x[prime].
The STLS estimator is computed using equation [4] as a recursion formula, with maximum likelihood estimates as starting values.
In Table II the first three columns show the coefficients of our basic equation estimated by OLS, Tobit, and STLS respectively.
For each variable except FILT and BOTL the coefficients increase monotonically in absolute value between the OLS and the STLS version.