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STMSynchronous Transfer Mode
STMSosiaali- ja Terveysministeriö (Finnish: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health; Helsinki)
STMSuperior Tribunal Militar (Brazil)
STMSaid Too Much
STMShoot Meristemless
STMStructural/Thermal Model
STMSupremo Tribunal Militar (Portugal)
STMSpecific Transmission Module (railway)
STMSekolah Teknik Menengah
STMSociété de Transports de Montréal (French)
STMSynchronous Transmission Mode
STMSantarem, Para, Brazil (Airport Code)
STMShort Term Missionary
STMStrategic Transport Model
STMService de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel (Luxembourg)
STMSpringfield Telescope Makers (Springfield, Vermont astronomy club)
STMScream Tracker Module (a digital music format)
STMSingle Thread Model
STMSupport Test Manager (NASA)
STMStonetalon Mountain (World of Warcraft)
STMNaval Ship Technical Manual (TMINS)
STMStandard Time Meridian
STMSynthetic Transaction Monitor
STMStewards Mate
STMShallow Truncate Mode (Cisco)
STMSTEAR Testbed Manipulator
STMStack Tritium Monitor
STMSindicato de Trabajadores de Migración (Spanish, Guatemala)
STMScattering Transfer Matrix
STMSpace Track Message
STMSkill Training Material
STMSyntax Tree Manager
STMSistema de Tratamento de Mensagens (Portuguese: System for Processing of Messages; Brazil)
STMSyndicat des Transitaires de Marseille (French: Freight Union of Marseilles; Marseilles, France)
STMStructural Test Module
STMStandby Temperature Monitor
STMService Test Model/Module
STMSubsystem Traffic Manager
STMShin Tenchi Muyou (Anime)
STMStock Taking Method (France)
STMService Triage Manutention (French: Sorting Handling Service)
STMScience Teaching Methods
STMStrut-And-Tie Model (tool for analysis/design of concrete members)
STMSoft Tissue Mobilization
STMStore Multiple (IBM)
STMSecurity Threat Mitigation (Cisco)
STMStaff Time Measurement
STMSPIE (Source Path Isolation Engine) Traceback Manager
STMSignaling Traffic Management
STMSympto-Thermal Method (natural family planning)
STMSoftware Transactional Memory
STMSchool of Tropical Medicine
STMSociete de Transport de Montreal
STMSeize the Moment
STMSaint Thomas Moore (school)
STMSteel Travel Mug
STMSmall Text Message (pager message)
STMShort Term Mission
STMSeashore Trolley Museum (Kennebunkport, Maine, USA)
STMServices Techniques Municipaux (French: Municipal Technical Services)
STMSoft Tissue Massage
STMSavor the Moment
STMSports Turf Management
STMStreptomycin (antibiotic drug)
STMScientific, Technical and Medical Publishers
STMSignature Tagged Mutagenesis
STMState Transition Matrix
STMSt. Thomas More College (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
STMMaster of Sacred Theology
STMScanning Tunnel Microscope
STMScanning Tunneling Microscope
STMScientific, Technical and Medical (International Association of)
STMSeems To Me
STMSONET Transmission Manager
STMShort Term Memory
STMSignificant Technical Milestone
STMSoftware Test Management
STMSONET Multiplexer
STMSoft Tissue Manipulation
STMScanning Tunneling Microscopy
STMSecurity and Trust Management
STMStrokes Per Minute
STMSGS-Thompson Microelectronics
STMStrategic Technology Management
STMSystem Test Mode
STMSynchronous Transport Module
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The other new STM course, STM 304 (Leadership in Science and Technology Management), is required for Level III.
Instead of being pushed by an STM tip, such molecular machines could fuel their own movements with light or chemical energy, he says.
In the laboratory of Cornell University's Wilson Ho, an STM can detect the vibrational energy of atomic bonds within a single molecule, which provides a way to determine chemical identities.
Some STM users, they note, are turning to gold, often deposited onto a mica surface, as a preferred substrate for such studies.
By connecting the magic wrist to an STM, Hollis and his co-workers have converted their device into what they call a "tele-nanorobotic manipulation system.
locating the POH of a virtual container by use of the pointer bytes in an STM frame.
mapping PPP frames into a VC-4 STM virtual container
STM Norway AS was established in May 2006 with the mandate to enhance the SatLink product family and engage in an active development program to expand the SatLink product platform and its features and functions, using its advanced software-based radio and modem technology.
Independence Holding Company (NYSE: IHC) today announced that eHealthInsurance, the leading online source for individual, family and small business health insurance plans, now features Secure STM short-term medical plans on its Web site, www.
Secure STM, IHC's short term medical insurance program, underwritten by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, is being introduced at the Society for Human Resource Management's Annual Conference & Exposition in Washington, D.
To produce a model, STM uses digital elevation and imagery data obtained from Earth-orbiting satellites or from airborne sensors for the selected geographic area.