STMASt. Thomas More Academy (various locations)
STMASpace-Time Multiple Access
STMASoftware Test Management Adapter
STMASports Turf Manager's Association
STMASearch the Mail Archive
STMAStephen T Mather Training Center (US National Park Service)
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both units of CNTC, the operational arm of the STMA.
For purposes of this study, STMA refers to the relative change in a performance metric during the unassisted trials at the start versus the end of training (see "Training Protocol").
For example, all of the leaves have to go through different tests at the STMA quality control centre, including [for] metals.
The STMA was adopted by Resolution 2/2006 of the Governing Body of the International Treaty during its first meeting held in Madrid in June 2006.
In Figure 1, the quality distribution of the SPSB logs is presented in comparison with the average quality distribution of the Scots pine sawlogs in Sweden according to STMA's sorting rules and based on statistical material from the period 1996 to 2000 and from all the Swedish sawmills purchasing sawlogs through STMA.
3 percent rise in tobacco prices, according to the STMA.
This is good news for the factories making low-grade cigarettes (the top three brands in volume terms according to STMA data are Huangshan, Double Happiness and Yun Yan).
China's normally watertight relationship between the STMA and policy makers is showing signs of fraying.
The STMA Playing Conditions Index evaluates four different aspects of playing surface conditions on an ongoing basis.
Also, the retail prices are set by the STMA," reported the state-run Xinhua news agency.
Hank Wilkinson, STMA Scientist of the Year and professor at the University of Illinois.
The STMA determines the output quota of each cigarette plant and allows competition based on quota trades.