STMCSt. Thomas More College
STMCSha Tin Methodist College (Hong Kong)
STMCSober Tramps Motorcycle Club (Maryland)
STMCStop the Madrassa Coalition (New York, NY; Khalil Gibran International Academy opposition group; est. 2007)
STMCScrap Tire Management Council
STMCShort-Term Memory Capacity
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STMC stands for the Standardized Test Methods Committee.
Paragon Toner's Research and Development team completed the comprehensive training required to become an STMC Compliant Company, which was provided by a certified I-ITC trainer.
Becoming an STMC Compliant Company will further illustrate our commitment to quality to our customers as well as to our industry.
All the indications for 1996 are that the market demand for scrap tire products should increase," indicated John Serumgard, chairman of the STMC.
Since 1991 the STMC, created by North American tire manufacturers, has been actively engaged in market development issues for those technologies which are both environmental and economically sound.
STMC CEO Steaphan Weir provided a unified direction during the in-depth restructuring effort of the Company and its Subsidiaries.
A growing number of government and private contracts require STMC certification from prospective suppliers, and we are pleased to demonstrate to our customers that Katun's test procedures meet these standards," said John McCracken, manager, Katun technical operations.
Scrap tire piles probably hold far fewer than one billion tires, and likely do not exceed 800 million tires, the STMC says in this report.
ke Authority at the STMC to provide for a coordinated approach to handling traffic operations statewide.
In connection with the first tier of funding, STMC also issued 13,000,000 shares of its common stock with a Rule 144 restrictive legend.
This consultation is to:: - Providing printing supplies: printer consumables and other new printing of the original brand (OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges or remanufactured STMC (Standardized Test Method Committee) certification,: - The collection of printers and other printing consumables used all sites Banks of the social system independent cartridges.
In the last few years, demand for a more refined tire-fuel chip has increased," said Michael Blumenthal, STMC executive director and vice president of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA).