STMDSurat Tanda Melapor Diri (Indonesian: Letter of Self Report)
STMDSpace-Time Multiuser Detection (mobile communication)
STMDSupervisory Training and Management Development
STMDShort-Term Memory Disease
STMDShort Term Memory Displacement
STMDScott Tenorman Must Die (South Park cartoon)
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investigated STMD in children with a range of BMIs and showed that longer AAI needle lengths that were available at the time of the study would improve the chance of intramuscular injection in patients who are obese.
What the gauging system and operator cannot control directly are the high-speed STMD variations and the profile streaks.
How can you isolate and define the sources of STMD variations and profile streaks?
Observing the STMD cycle(s) can often pinpoint a source of the variation--the periodicity of the cycle can usually be correlated with a process parameter.
If the process is more complicated (such as a coextrusion line with multiple extruders), the STMD variation may consist of thickness variations from multiple sources, each having its own period and amplitude, all comingled into a complex in-line display readout.
Once you've determined the predominant source(s) of STMD variation, you need to put on your process engineer's hat to determine its actual cause.
Responding to additional increases in demand, Sony and Toyota Industries established STMD in March 2005 as a second manufacturing base, achieving further business expansion.
STMD is expected to make a multitude of new investments that puts emphasis on the difficulty of trying to achieve affordable and reliable deep space exploration.
These innovative technology programs are part of STMD, which is innovating, developing, testing and flying hardware for use in NASA's future missions.
As administrator, he leads STMD programs and focuses on integrating NASA's exploration and science mission needs, demonstrating the needed resources of the greater aerospace community, and helping advance the nation's innovation economy.
The selections support three of eight key STMD technology thrust areas: advanced life support and resource utilization, space robotic systems, and space observatory systems.
STMD remains committed to developing the critical technologies required to enable future exploration missions beyond low-Earth orbit.